Quote of the Day, Gov. Tom Wolf (D, PA) Starting Off By Insulting Yuengling Beer edition.

Via comments, this is just sad.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker claims the Yuengling brewery has been banned from donating free beer to the inaugural ball of Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf (D).

State Rep. Mike Vereb (R) said during a radio interview Thursday that he thought Wolf’s transition team was punishing Yuengling because the company’s president, Richard L. Yuengling, has supported so-called right-to-work laws in Pennsylvania, which would make it more difficult for labor unions to organize.

Back in the dark days before you could count on finding decent craft beers everywhere – and those were indeed dark days – in my neck of the woods there was always Yuengling.  You could drink it. Wasn’t the best stuff, was far from being the worst, I’d still drink it today happily enough if you gave me one. Dissing it simply because the labor unions will get in a snit – sorry, the labor union leadership (the rank-and-file will drink Yuengling just fine, thanks) – is an inauspicious way to start a gubernatorial career.

Ach, well, not my problem.

Moe Lane

PS: Ever notice that the people who politicize everything in their lives tend to have very shitty ones?  It’s a goram beer, people. It’s not tainted by the political views of its makers…

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Gov. Tom Wolf (D, PA) Starting Off By Insulting Yuengling Beer edition.”

  1. Yes, our new hypocrite in charge here on PA. he owns a non union company while sucking at the union treat and rails against tax evaders while incorporating his own company in Delaware.it’s gonna be a shitty four years.

  2. Now a cheese steak from Mama’s down on County Line , a sack of Granny Utz Chips and six or so cold Yuenglings and all is right and God is in his heaven . Dick Y once gave me and couple of friends a tour of the plant : it was slow day in Pottsville and he was pretty proud of the company , a real nice guy .

    1. I did a brewery tour of the Stoudts brewery, a couple of yea… Jeebus, more like ‘decades’… ago: the guy who ran that was entertainingly wild-eyed about the whole thing. Highlight was him shaking a garden hose at us and shouting “IF YOU TAKE NOTHING ELSE AWAY FROM THIS TOUR, TAKE AWAY THIS! THIS IS WHAT THE BIG BREWERIES USE! TAP WATER!”

  3. A couple of friends of mine work at Yuengling in Pottsville. They treat their employees quite well. And I really like both their Lager and their Porter. Both are MUCH better locally on-tap. By the time it gets shipped to my locale, it just isn’t the same.

  4. It’s a goram beer, people. It’s not tainted by the political views of its makers…
    Perhaps you don’t recall the hissy fits thrown by certain people on the left over the incorrectness of drinking Coors beer, because the company was owned by the Evil Coors Family of Evil, who were known to be card-carrying Republicans.

  5. This right up there with berating people who are eating breakfast. Not that I am complaining, mind you, but do any of these people stop and think how much silent hostility they are brewing up?


    Then carry on, I say. Keep it up. Fools.*

    *Waffles, eaten. Noted.

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