Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D, Pennsylvania) Supreme Court pick’s racially insensitive email.

Basically, Tom Wolf just can’t catch a break.  Unless he caught it on his chin, maybe:

One of Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s nominees for the state Supreme Court from Central Pennsylvania may have forwarded a racially insensitive email to 22 people.

The 2013 Christmas greeting card depicts a black man in an orange jumpsuit, sitting behind a glass prison partition, talking on the phone with a black woman outside the glass. “Merry Christmas from the Johnsons,” the card says.

Thomas K. Kistler, the president judge of Centre County Common Pleas Court, could not be reached.

Go figure. Does the man regret running for Governor, at this point? – Because he’s apparently one of God’s Six Fish right now.

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Quote of the Day, Gov. Tom Wolf (D, PA) Starting Off By Insulting Yuengling Beer edition.

Via comments, this is just sad.

A Pennsylvania lawmaker claims the Yuengling brewery has been banned from donating free beer to the inaugural ball of Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Tom Wolf (D).

State Rep. Mike Vereb (R) said during a radio interview Thursday that he thought Wolf’s transition team was punishing Yuengling because the company’s president, Richard L. Yuengling, has supported so-called right-to-work laws in Pennsylvania, which would make it more difficult for labor unions to organize.

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Wait, is Tom Wolf (D CAND, Pennsylvania-GOV) in trouble?

This is a little surprising:

It looks as though “I Won’t Say If I Voted For President Obama-itis” has spread from Democratic senate candidates to those in the gubernatorial ranks.

Pennsylvania Dem gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf refused to answer if he voted for President Obama when confronted by a tracker Thursday afternoon, according to a video released on the Tom Corbett For Governor YouTube page, Wolf’s GOP opponent.

Honestly, it’s a little surprising.

Moe Lane

PS: Tom Corbett for Governor.