Alan Grayson thinking of running for FL-SEN. …Because Jesus loves me.

Well, He loves everybody; but apparently I did something really, really good lately. Like, spectacularly good.

…because oh man but that would be fun.

Moe Lane

PS: Click the link for the icing on the cake. There’s apparently only one thing that might keep Alan Grayson from running, and it’s arguably even a more entertaining scenario.

13 thoughts on “Alan Grayson thinking of running for FL-SEN. …Because Jesus loves me.”

  1. This is probably the one thing that will finally convince both the Democratic Leadership and the Activist Left to finally destroy the man. While they’ve tolerated his antics ( and in some cases enjoyed and encouraged him to the detriment of their electoral success) even they aren’t stupid enough to let this man be nominated as their candidate for Senate.

    Which is why every Republican who can should vote for Grayson in the Dem primary.
    It’d be twice as entertaining as watching Bruce Braley last year.

  2. DWS can’t win in Florida unless the scales are tilted heavily in her favor, but we shouldn’t discount her. She has shown an ability to raise very large sums of money. Fortunately up until now she’s also shown an ability to figuratively light said pile of money on fire.

    1. Agree, Gator. Overall a good thing…. but for us Floridians, not so much. I gave Dan Webster a chunk o’ change just to not hear/see Grayson’s ads again. I pitied those in his new district.

      1. If Rubio gives up his Senate seat, Webster should be the dude who runs to succeed, see if Grayson is stupid enough to run a Taliban Dan ad again.

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