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  1. Funny. We had a ‘Wanted’ poster on the fridge at work today…

    female, about 20 years, blonde, blue eyed, goes by ‘Elsa’ aka ‘Queen Elsa’ or ‘Ice Queen of the North’.

    Wanted for Freezing, Snowing, and General Encoldening in the Negative Degree.

    (No, I am not kidding – that was on the fridge.)*
    *even if I had to put it there. It has been unblinkingly cold here in Michigan; like ‘It’s so cold I can’t blink – my eyelids are …frozen.’

  2. Such a great depiction of a Creo Aquam Specialist from Ars Magicia! I still burn to get a game going after seeing this scene…..

    1. Ok, that made my day. What do you think, Build the Castle of the Ice Queen as a level 30 ritual CrAq with an Ignem requisite? Moon/Permanent duration?

      1. Nah, just ReAq. The Ice was already there, she is just crafting it into a castle. So, Target : Circle (The dancing is her walking the circle), Duration : Momentary, Range : Touch. I assume you want the Ignem requisite for the light? I can see that, but would let it slide if the player pushed, what with the glass-like quality of the Ice. Not a ritual, she’s got no Vis. The real question is, Magical Focus : Ice and Snow. Major or Minor?

        1. My last edition is 4th, which has nothing in the way of ice spells. So I looked at the Wizard’s Grimoire, which is kind of wacky, and sometimes has an Ignem requisite for spells involving ice, and sometimes not [and specifically not a Perdo Ignem requisite]. I was thinking of a spell that both created the ice in an unnatural form, and continually kept it cold enough that it wouldn’t melt.

          As a 4th edition character, I’d call ice and snow a +2 affinity, consider making her a Meritina mage [assuming she was trained by the trolls], probably give her the gentle gift. Flaws necessary condition: singing, chaotic magic, and at least one of infamous, reclusive, or sheltered upbringing.

          1. Ah, Fifth is so much better in my eyes.

            As to the ice, it seemed quite a natural form to me, something that might get built at one of the Hokkaido winter festivals. And the “wouldn’t melt” also didn’t seem to be a need for me either, what with it being on the top of a mountain that never lost it’s snowy peak. But that’s just my perspective.

            Ah, I think the fact she was a Mage, and lacked the Gentle Gift, drives the plot so much better! It explains why her sister was her only friend, and why no one tried to court her for the Throne……

          2. Oh, forgot to mention, in Fifth ed, you get a bonus to stuff, based on your magical knowledge of the various forms. So, if she has 20 ranks in Aquam,

          3. Whoops, hit the post button before I was ready. Sorry….

            If she has 20 in the Art of Aquam, she gets a +5 to all rolls dealing with cold and water, which is why, in game, “The cold never bothered her anyway”.

          4. Yeah, I’m not surprised 5th is better. 4th was better than 2nd, which is the other rule book I have, but it’s still got problems, including being way too easy to turn yourself invisible. I’d buy 5th edition, but I haven’t had much luck finding a group to play anything with regularly, much less Ars Magica.

            I’m not sure that castle is physically possible, even if you could make it out of a solid chunk of ice. But it works pretty well in stories, so calling it either natural or slightly unnatural works for me.

          5. Oh, yeah, I run a game store, and I still can’t get a game of Ars up. Sigh.

            If you think the ice is unnatural, then we just do a ReAq effect with a Muto requisite, and change the duration to circle as well. Man, you can do a lot of stuff with “circle” in fifth ed……

            1. You run a games store? That’s, like, living the dream, man.

              As to running a game: you should get a bunch of people together via video chat or something.

          6. Thanks, Mr. Lane. It has it’s moments. Ah, I get to play in several games, it’s just I can’t get any traction for an Ars game. Sigh. Alas, Ars Magica is not really paced for a video chat. Any chance you could run one here? ;)…..

          7. That’s just crazy talk. This is Ars Magica we are talking about. You can run the Magi (That would be us posters) seasonal activities Play by Post, and your kids can do the magi sponsored adventures as Companions!

  3. It’s kind of funny how the song went from “world’s most popular earworm” to “world’s most hated earworm”.
    OK, I’m sick of my kids singing it too. But there are any number of worse songs they could fixate on. I’d much rather hear this song badly sung for the fifty millionth time than “All About the Bass”.

    1. I’m mostly dreading Senator Cruz’s presidential run because we will have to hear the chorus of that terrible Florida-Georgia Line song so many more times.

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