Wisconsin unions start the inevitable, futile lawsuit process on Right-To-Work.

(Via Althouse) Futile because – and this is something that the Badger Herald unaccountably forgot to mention – the courts keep making it clear: right-to-work laws are constitutional.  And the courts will inevitably do so here, as well. Like it or not, the unions are going to have to learn to accept that elections have consequences.  Particularly when you’ve picked the wrong faction.

Mind you, there’s this:

…the state of Indiana may provide some evidence as to how right-to-work could be successful.

The Hoosier state was at its lowest point in 24 years for union membership when right-to-work was in full effect in 2013. But union membership has actually ticked upward from 9 percent to almost 11 percent in Indiana.

The Indiana Economic Development Commission says companies cited it as factor in their decision to locate or expand in the state. They say more than 10,000 new jobs have come from these companies.

…Maybe, just maybe, labor unions do better when they can’t count on forced dues to give them a permanent revenue stream.  Maybe the exercise helps them do better.  I know, I know: what a concept, right?

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin unions start the inevitable, futile lawsuit process on Right-To-Work.”

  1. I guess I’m going to need a few more gallon jugs to store the tears. *sigh* Really didn’t want to do any shopping today.

  2. IF unions routinely demonstrate what they do for their members, then they thrive. This is not rocket science, it’s basic human nature. Y’all humans *NEED* competition to bring out your best.

    1. Unions already demonstrate what they do for their members. It’s why membership has been declining.

    2. i think this is one of the stages of grief. i misremember what they all are tho.

  3. The unions decided to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the two main political parties.
    They made their bed, now they must lie in it. I have no sympathy.

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