Donna Edwards (D CAND, MD-SEN PRI) plots the conquest of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.



As Virginia Virtucon notes: “Whoops.” Although, ironically? …It makes a certain amount of strategic sense, when you look at the map.


As you can see there, possession of the rest of the Eastern Shore would put Maryland in a position to potentially bottleneck the Chesapeake Bay, to say nothing of neutralizing Virginia’s local naval superiority at Norfolk and Newport News.  This could prove critically useful if Governor Hogan follows through on his second term plans to annex Delaware outright; keeping the Virginians out of the Atlantic Ocean will only help, there. The trick here would be to annex without actually starting a shooting war with Virginia, of course; or, at least, one that doesn’t drag on.

…And now you have an adventure for your next roleplaying game campaign.  Heck, you could make that your campaign.  Use that map, change all the names to something more fantasy-like, and go nuts.  Thanks, Donna Edwards!


Moe Lane

PS: Yes, you may safely assume that there is no pending invasion of Delaware. Also, Virginia probably doesn’t have a navy and Donna Edwards’ graphic designer was merely a little clumsy with the paint bucket icon. It’s all in fun.

6 thoughts on “Donna Edwards (D CAND, MD-SEN PRI) plots the conquest of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.”

  1. If Maryland is trying to avoid a drawn out war, they should ally with the renegade state of West Virginia. Virginia is powerful, but I doubt they can fight a two front war for long.

    PS: If Maryland tries to annex Delaware they risk war with Pennsylvania. Delaware has always been in their sphere of influence.

    PPS: After 5 years of lurking, this is what I chose to comment on. I regret nothing.

    1. best not forget the Carolinas… they’d love to control more coast. and gene, its ok. i was just looking for in nomine stuff when i got hooked into Moe’s stuff. one of the best point sources of snark on the web i think.

    2. And that probably spills over into New Jersey, which would bring New York in for sure. At which point upstate secessionists rise up against NYC with support from their allies in Canada…

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