Book of the week: ‘Uprooted.’

Finally got around to reading Naomi Novik’s Uprooted, and WOW but it’s good.  We’re talking a deep dive into folklore themes here, folks: Polish, in this particular case, but the actual culture doesn’t matter. What matters is that Novik takes this stuff seriously, and is smart enough to be properly wary of its narrative power.  Terry Pratchett would have loved this book, and I can’t think of a single nicer thing to say about it. I pretty much read the whole thing in as few fell swoops as Fourth of July weekend would allow.

And so, adieu to The Annihilation Score. Which I will gleefully consume tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Book of the week: ‘Uprooted.’”

      1. Looking forward to it. I’ve got a couple of things I have to get through first.
        Also, it is NOT published by Tor.
        That’s a hugeselling point for me right now. I don’t much care for the thought of giving my scarce funds to a bunch of @$$holes who make prominent public statements defaming me.

  1. Read this while traveling to visit relatives a couple of weeks. Yes, it was very good. Now finish League of Dragons (for the uninitiated, that will be the final book of her Temeraire series, which if Moe hasn’t already plugged, that was an oversight), dammit …

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