Bad, Good, and Great Witcher 3 DLC news this week.

Today in your mandatory The Witcher: Wild Hunt news:

  • Bad news: the expected DLC for this week (a new outfit for Ciri*) has been delayed a week.
  • Good news: there’s going to be at least three more free DLC.
  • Great news: the DLC delay is for the 1.07 patch, which will hopefully fix a metric [expletive deleted]-ton of bugs and will DEFINITELY give players a functional inventory system. And places to stash your loot. No more leaving bags on the floor near your master smiths…

Yeah, I know: they shouldn’t have to have needed a 1.07 patch. The game is still mega-awesome, even with the bugs, so we’ve forgiven them for it.  Sorry…

One thought on “Bad, Good, and Great Witcher 3 DLC news this week.”

  1. What’s to be sorry about? All games have bugs.
    The problems arise when the bugs actively interfere with the enjoyment of the game.
    Heck, sometimes they add to the enjoyment. I recall making it my quest to find the backwards flying dragon in Skyrim. And lo, after many hours and interesting discoveries was the best found. (And then slain. It insisted.)

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