Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.”

Truthfully, Heavy Lifting: Grow Up, Get a Job, Raise a Family, and Other Manly Advice (by Jim Geraghty and Cam Edwards) is also an In The Mail book, seeing as I got it this afternoon, but I cracked the book open at random and found it a good read, so it’s probably safe to sign off on this one. I’ll probably end up interviewing Jim about the book, at some point in the near future. So keep watching the skies…

And so, adieu to 1635: A Parcel of Rogues (The Ring of Fire)… which I still haven’t gotten around to getting, somehow. Why is that? …Oh, right, the Delta Green Kickstarter.

2 thoughts on “Book of the Week: “Heavy Lifting.””

  1. Remember, Larry Correia’s first book in his new Sword & Sorcery series hits stores tomorrow.

  2. Grow up? check
    Get a job? Check
    Raise a family?
    Eh; I’m a bachelor; it just never worked out that way. Being an adult is more about your attitude than anything else.*
    *Sort of like what Prof. Reynolds remarks on how giving the totems of being middle class to people does not make them middle class; absorbing the values of the middle class – no matter your circumstances – is what makes you middle class. The same can be said for being a functional** adult.
    **As opposed to a chronological adult.

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