Over/under on this one getting revealed as a hoax?

Excuse me while I do something rude: to wit, introduce brutal reality to a perfectly good witch hunt.

Harvard University police are treating the discovery of strips of tape placed across photographs of black professors outside of a lecture hall as an act of hate, officials from the university said Thursday.

In an e-mailed statement, Martha Minow, dean of Harvard Law School, said police are investigating who defaced portraits of black faculty members displayed at Wasserstein Hall.

…Start with the people who called in the discovery; they’re usually the prime suspects. But I suspect that the cops know that one already. Lord knows hoaxes have happened often enough.

Moe Lane

PS: :shrug: If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But… am I wrong? In your hearts, you know I’m probably not wrong.

PPS: Hoaxes will keep happening until people start getting expelled for making hoaxes.

2 thoughts on “Over/under on this one getting revealed as a hoax?”

  1. Oh, this’ll be outed in a couple of days at the most. From my admittedly amateur observations, these not-so-merry-prankster types are really bad at both a) imagining what white racists would actually do and b) executing their plans without leaving a trace.
    Plus…I mean, c’mon. Strips of tape? Really? At least put some effort into it, fellas. And I don’t just mean the planning. I mean, if you’re really gonna deface something, go all out. Stock up on resources, then spent hours deploying them. Really make a night of it.

  2. At least a 90% chance it wasn’t done by a white racist. At least a 90% chance Harvard uses this as an excuse for a “racial healing” event type thing.

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