Well, put me in overshoes and call me a duck.

Preliminary results suggest that it’s gonna be Democrat John Bel Edwards as Governor and Republican Billy Nungresser as Lt. Governor in Louisiana.  Who had that in the pool? – Because that possibility wasn’t mentioned, much.

Gonna be some special spinning on this one, folks. For myself, I wonder if David Vitter will take the hint, when it comes to his next re-election race? Guess we’ll see*…

Moe Lane

*Now watch him win after all, just to spite us.

9 thoughts on “Well, put me in overshoes and call me a duck.”

  1. The GOPe should be defacating in fear over these results.
    We’ll we tomorrow if the have the wit to read the writing on the wall.

  2. Excuse me – who?

    Michigan State just beat Ohio State in Columbus, and it was a solid win. Why should I care about these politicians when my Spartans just won!

  3. Looks like Vitter is getting absolutely crushed… but Nungressor is winning by a wider margin than that by which Vitter is losing! Heh, don’t ask me what it means. Didn’t follow the race, and not an analyst, but at a guess? I’d say it means that Louisiana hates David Vitter’s proverbial guts!

    1. Those margins have evened out a bunch now, a few percent worse for both republicans, so Vitter will lose by 12% instead 10%, and Nungresser will win by 12% instead of 15% (approximately speaking, there are still 4 precincts outstanding). Still quite convincing on both counts….

  4. In the South we that La. as a’special case’ : it is what it is and as no relevance to anything other than itself . What it does speak most eloquently to is the rank stupidity of the La electorate that replaces Jindal years of good government with the good ole boy graft and corruption of the D machine . When the next Katrina hits , look out below . But as Mr Mencken says they deserve to get it good and hard .

    1. They were going to lose that, anyway. Vitter would have ended it just as surely. The state Republican party went out of its way to exclude any worthy successor. They wanted their turn at the trough.

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