My RedState post on anger vs fear is up.

Found here. Short version: terrorism either scares you, or it makes you angry. I recommend anger. Smarter long-term choice.

5 thoughts on “My RedState post on anger vs fear is up.”

  1. I must observe that, ever since I adopted anger as a response, I have increasingly seen the cowardly imbeciles as the enemy…

    1. i’d be happy to be angry at several groups, really. who do we get angry at; Neville Chamberlain, Vidkun Quisling, or Adolf Hitler?

  2. Yeah, I’m going with contempt, and just deleted a few hundred words of exposition of just how contemptuous I am of terrorists….
    Wow, everything else I try to add comes out laced with pejoratives and expletives. All quite fitting, mind, but not permitted here 😀

  3. I’m not afraid. I grew up very anxious, and I’m different from how I was then.
    There is a case I’m not angry, either.
    I have concluded that they should be killed, but that might be purely reason.
    There are domestic criminals whose crime, not a common law capital felony, incites a greater and hotter rage in me. A part of me really wants them to die, horribly, but the costs of making that happen outweigh the returns.
    If I am angry with the terrorists, it is a cold anger, whose impact on my thinking is harder to notice.

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