100 word short-short-short: ‘Unnatural.’

This one is the next in my series of 100 word¬†short-short-short stories I do every week for my patrons on Patreon.¬†“Unnatural” isn’t anything in particular, except maybe an indication that I have difficulty really thinking in terms of horror sometimes. Hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “100 word short-short-short: ‘Unnatural.’”

  1. So I am gifting you my “insomnia” cure.. or just the French “white night” solution

    you are finally going to the new planet!!! You may take 10 and only 10 domesticated animals to set up the new society. Which do you choose???

    Bonus question: are “categories” allowed???

      1. Anyway, this is my basic ten species list. Note that I’m assuming that the various earth species can eat the local plant and/or insect and/or animal life.

        Cows – meat, hides, milk
        Chickens – meat, eggs
        Bees – pollination
        Horses – meat, hides, transportation, milk
        Dogs – guard, companionship
        Goats – meat, hides, milk, terraforming
        Cats – companionship, vermin control
        Pigs – meat, hides, terraforming
        Rabbits – meat, fur, terraforming
        Sheep – meat, milk, wool

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