Hey, wanna see what it looks like when you’ve just failed a SAN check?

Here you go. That’s it. That’s it, right there.

Good morning off: errands run, Cornish game hens found, California rolls eaten. Now I gotta run and do meetings at the school. Catch you on the flip side!

12 thoughts on “Hey, wanna see what it looks like when you’ve just failed a SAN check?”

  1. Back the day , those were “rock Cornish game hens” , “Rock ” because they were always frozen and hard as rocks , and I mean granite . A staple of my Sunday family dinners . Not bad eating , considering the alternatives , Bon Appetit !!

      1. yeah, think I said it on another thread, but I used to like Christie because of the way he destroyed stupid media members (but I repeat myself), even though i know we didn’t agree on everything, but then he hugged Obama, and now he’s hugging Trump, so i’m through with him

        1. I never really *got* Christie’s appeal.
          I mean, he’s a governor, so that’s something, but .. he’s only there because the Dems are cleaning house and needed a Valkyrie, it’s not like he’s *changed* Jersey.
          He’s loud, brash, and abrasive toward fools and media (I too repeat myself) but that’s a relatively easy trick to learn – consider this series: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB121641485511666133
          So .. what’s Christie’s appeal?
          Circa 2008, he wasn’t a governor, so didn’t have much ..
          Circa 2012 he wasn’t McCain (war hero or not, McCain did *not* appear to know how to throw a damned punch at a Democrat .. Christie did) ..
          Circa 2016, though .. “what have you done for us lately, Chris Christie?”
          Alas, for what could have been.

  2. “My God, what have I done? And the days go by…” A little Talking Heads would be good right about now

  3. You know, I didn’t think Christie’s utter humiliation would be as schadenfreude-tastic, but I’m happy to have been wrong.

    He chose… poorly.

  4. Actually, I think he just MADE his first SAN check in quite some time. In fact, I think he just rolled a natural 20, and the GM decided to let him remember every bit of the last two weeks, all at once, the poor bastard.

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