Adventure Seed: Dungeon Speed Crawl.


Dungeon Speed Crawl


The party is called in to ‘advise’ in problems arising from the refurbishing of a long-abandoned secret facility. Before you ask, yes, the Shadow Government tries to always have a few of these salted away, in various places; it’s practically a necessity.  You see, there’s a particular quirk of the adventurer mindset that makes it remarkably difficult to accept that the Illuminati might sometimes really and truly just want a particular group of freelance meddlers and applied chaoticists to go out and apply their unique skillset to a particular problem.  And even when the adventurers do take the job from the Illuminati, they then spend far too much time waiting for a sudden, yet inevitable betrayal that will never actually come.  But give those adventurers a chance to “loot” the exact same details about that problem from “an abandoned lair,” and they’ll jump right in, with both feet.  Weird, huh?

So, the Conspiracy has about a dozen of these sites, and it tries to cycle through them on a fairly regular basis. Most of the on-site facilities are safely generic, but the site still needs to be seeded with specific artifacts and documentation and whatnot that’s germane to the specific and aforementioned… well, ‘disinformation campaign’ isn’t exactly the right phrase, is it?  After all, the Secret Masters do use these sites to get adventurers to start solving quite real and pressing problems. But it’s still kind of fake…


Anyway, the preparation team for one particular site has missed two check-in calls in a row.  Which is where your party comes in: go there, see what the problem is, fix the problem.  And do it fast: in forty-eight hours a civilian adventuring party is going to be hitting the site themselves, and it’s absolutely vital that that party gets the information they need in order to keep Lisbon from suddenly turning into a giant gas laser. Or whatever the chaos-touched crisis is this week…


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