There’s a Jane Austen MMO (@naominovik, call your agent)…

…and Ever, Jane looks like it does what Austen readers want it to:

I probably won’t play this game: not because I think that it’s stupid (I don’t), or because an etiquette-derived conflict resolution system can’t be interesting (it can). No, I won’t play this game because the people who are playing it already are Regency fiction nerds at a level that I cannot hope to achieve with the lifespan left to me. A man’s got to know his limitations.

However.  Give me an option where I can take my young heroine and put her on a dragon to go fight Napoleon, and the equation changes.  And this is why Naomi Novik needs to call her agent, because Dragons and Decorum would be the killer DLC for Ever, Jane.  And you would absolutely need to keep all the social and etiquette stuff in there, too. It’s instant play balance!  — Because on the one hand, acid-spitting dragon; on the other hand, almost terminally embarrassing, deeply scandalous professional status. Balancing the two would be the kind of tricky that gamers like.

I’m just saying that the developers should think about it, OK?

One thought on “There’s a Jane Austen MMO (@naominovik, call your agent)…”

  1. You Sir, are a sick, twisted individual.

    Would I buy and play this game if it had such a DLC?

    How did this become about me all of a sudden?

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