Disney movie advance ticket sales surpasses other Disney movie but not other other Disney movie.

Disney must find all of this entertaining: “Tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story went on sale Thursday night and the first 24 hours of presales have already doubled Marvel’s megahit Black Panther, according to Fandango. Yet Solo can’t top first-day presales for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, which remains the fastest-selling film of the year in these early metrics.” Especially since ‘megahit’ is unlikely to be applied to Solo, even if it makes more money than Rogue One did.

Why? Ah.  Well, how do I put this tactfully? There are societal expectations for Star Wars movies. Making over a billion dollars per movie isn’t exceeding them; it’s the bare minimum for fulfilling them.  This doesn’t bother Disney, because while they do like making movies (if they didn’t, they’d never make good ones) they really do like making movies that bring in the cash.  Which is probably what they’re going to do with Solo.

3 thoughts on “Disney movie advance ticket sales surpasses other Disney movie but not other other Disney movie.”

  1. I hope Solo bombs. For the same reason that, had I been witness to the Greek myths, I would have pulled a Nelson Muntz at Icarus.

    1. Agreed. I didn’t like Rogue One, and The Last Jedi actively tried to piss me off…and succeeded. Solo will just have to make $1 billion without my contribution. (And if it can’t do that, maybe Disney made a bad bet after all.)

      1. I did like Rogue 1. But The Last Jedi was miserable. And it looks like they’re changing the established story about how Han acquired the Falcon, because…reasons.

        So color me skeptical about Solo, or anything Mouse Wars related in the future.

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