Event Seed: The November Event.

The November Event

On November 18, 2007, the world ended.  No, really. It happened.

At least, that’s what every single true prophecy and divination techniques known to Man said, as well as all the prophecies and techniques known to those sapient alien and trans-dimensional species who talk to Man, and all of thiose known to the enemy species of Man who we can still comprehend.  They were all clear: it would all stop on.  November 18, 2007, 13:45 GMT (the exact second was never really defined) .  And it need hardly be said that the infighting and score-settling, right up to that not actually last minute, was epic.  A lot of things got done that were later regretted, given that the world had not actually ended; the infighting and score-settling (of suddenly new scores) was fairly epic, too.

The reason why all of this is a big deal?  Because all the old divination methods that used to work before the November Event no longer work.  They all bring back as a result the occult equivalent of static and white noise, and even the lesser divinations (the ones that could be made to sort of work, for those with the right training) no longer operate effectively either.  The entire multi-leveled and -dimensioned cosmos has been operating without a precognitive net for the last twelve years, in other words; it turned out that many, many occult and arcane organizations were over-reliant on being able to know even a little of the future, and a dozen years is not even enough time to learn how to compensate.  So it’s a wild and woolly time out there, out on the fringes of the Great Games and the Dance of Magi.

Theories, of course, abound.  One popular one is that Somebody (Who I Don’t Like) Screwed Up.  Another is Things Got Out Of Whack And We Have To Retune To The Right Station. And then there’s The World Actually Did End And We’re Now In Hell.  That one appeals to a certain type of powerful nihilist looking for an excuse, which is why there’s a team out there to stamp on the really bad oblivion cults before they get too frisky.  After all, if nothing matters anymore, then why not go for extravagant behavior?  Merely for the fleeting spectacle of it all?

Yes, one would think that this sort of thing would be less of a temptation among individuals who know perfectly well that evil exists, that there are rules against it, and that there are entities whose job it is to punish those who violate those rules.  Only problem is: those entities are as confused at what is happening as anybody else. Kind of embarrassing, really.

5 thoughts on “Event Seed: The November Event.”

  1. Well hey, if the world ended 5 days after my 39th birthday, that means I’m 39 years old forever. (I’m reminded of Ronald Reagan saying how he was celebrating the 36th anniversary of his 39th birthday.)

  2. I’m moderately surprised that none of the peeps involved considered the possibility that those futures with Time Travel would have a vested interest in not going out of existence because of their world ending in the past. Or do these arcanists have a blind spot where Time Travel is concerned? o_O

    1. I’ll be honest: time travel didn’t even register in my head for this one. You could answer that… four ways, I think (one of those ways is yours).

  3. In a Pan-galactic and inter-dimensional universe, the fate of “the world” seems quaint. Which one?

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