Tweet of the Day, I See No Flaws In This MD Zebra Herd Reinforcement Strategy edition.

(h/T @zamoose) Because that’s what’s gonna happen. They aren’t going to capture the Maryland Zebras. They’re gonna reinforce them.

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I See No Flaws In This MD Zebra Herd Reinforcement Strategy edition.”

  1. Obviously they need to convince the coy-wolves that zebra is a viable prey option. Otherwise, yeah, looks like we are establishing a zebra population in the eastern US. I trust you will be updating the Fermi Resolution appropriately.

  2. Needs more Cowbell.

    unless Zebrabells are a thing.

    Then it would be: Needs more Zebrabell.

  3. The East Coast clearly needs more Indians.

    I guess that needs explanation.
    In much of the West, treaties pretty much give the Indian tribes free reign over hunting on federal land. (Because they needed to be able to feed themselves. Feeding hundreds of reservations scattered over hundreds of thousands of square miles was logistically impossible. Especially before the transcontinental railroad.) The federal government owns much, or most, of the land in Western states. (Yes, most of the federal government’s claim is extremely sketchy. The establishing statute also explicitly says that the Individual Income Tax is voluntary. Fat lot of good it’ll do you if you try to contest the federal government overstepping its boundaries in front of a federal judge.)
    Now, here’s a syllogism that some people have trouble with:
    Indians are human.
    A significant percentage of humans are arseholes.
    Therefore, a significant percentage of Indians are arseholes.

    Give a small group of arseholes legal carte blanche, and they can do crazy amounts of damage.
    I cannot tell you how many times we tried to reintroduce bighorn sheep into Hell’s Canyon before tribal elders thumped some heads and let the effort succeed.
    Zebras? I’d take the under on one day.

  4. Wait, there is more than ONE zebra loose in Mary’s Land???

    I’m more than one news cycle behind the curve and that’s starting to worry me.

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