More snow tonight…

…and another two hour delay for school tomorrow. My kids are kind of holding out hope for a full snow day, but who knows? The weather people are starting to sound like we should be able to miss the worst bits, and my county doesn’t particularly want to shut down the schools anyway. And yes, I’m grateful for that.

Besides, the important thing is, my kids got their homework done anyway. That way there’s no surprises, and they can zone out a little when the teachers lecture the rest of the class about being prepared.

I mention all of this because that’s a large part of what I’ve been dealing with, tonight. Oh, and THE STARS ARE WRONG got rejected! Impressively fast, too. So I sent it right back out again. It’s good for me, really.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “More snow tonight…”

  1. You should at the following note to the bottom of your next submission:

    “Jay and a couple other people from Twitter have committed to buying a copy just to read this story.”

    I’m sure that will help!

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