2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Damn edition.”

  1. Skeet.

    Imagine a butterbar assessing the proper situation to use THE KEWL NEW TOY.
    The enthusiasm for fast roping and spy rigging would be totally eclipsed.

    1. I guess I should explain what those are.
      Fast Roping is using a really thick rope like a fireman’s pole to get from a helicopter to the ground several stories below. It’s dangerous for the helicopter and troops, there are very few times it it’s a good idea, and the lower brass are utterly enamored with it. I recall a Lt going on at length about it being one of the most important skills for us to learn.

      Spy Rigging is even worse. You tie a bunch of guys to a rope. You attach that rope to the bottom of a helicopter. You fly them around and tell them to use their Mark I eyeballs to see if anyone shoots at them. The helicopter puts the team on the ground at the insertion point, cuts the rope, and flies off.
      It has some limited utility for quick insertions of special ops behind enemy lines.
      But if platoon leaders had their way, it would be the preferred way to get to chow.

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