The WONDER TWINS movie has been canceled.

Our not-very-long only-kind-of-national more-like-a-slightly-weird dream is over: “A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Warner Bros. had cast 1883 actress Isabel May and Riverdale actor KJ Apa to co-star in DC’s live-action Wonder Twins movie. The movie was being produced for HBO Max, but the film has now reportedly been canceled.”

Honestly, I was bemused about this project from the start. What itch was it hoping to scratch? Sure, I watched Super Friends when I was a kid. Most people my age did. And I imagine that most people my age avoid re-watching the shows now, because dear God but they must suck. So I never saw the appeal, really.

Nostalgia has its limits.


3 thoughts on “The WONDER TWINS movie has been canceled.”

  1. I had always assumed that this project was proposed by and greenlit by people who never watched superhero movies themselves, never read any of the source material, but realized that there is a lot of money being made with them right now… and this was something they had heard of, and they had the rights to it…

    What I know of want to know is if this was cancelled because of course it was a complete train wreck, or if the people involved still think it was actually a good idea.

  2. Warner Media recently had a complete regime change when AT&T gave up on them and merged them to Discovery. They essentially had a top down review of what to keep and most of the top WB executives are either already out or are on their way out. Stuff that makes no financial sense will be excised.

    1. Interesting. I will keep an eye on what they start to produce in a year or two then. I have long felt like WB had a rich inventory of intellectual property to pull from, but didn’t have any idea, talent, or vision on how to utilize it.

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