The WONDER TWINS movie has been canceled.

Our not-very-long only-kind-of-national more-like-a-slightly-weird dream is over: “A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Warner Bros. had cast 1883 actress Isabel May and Riverdale actor KJ Apa to co-star in DC’s live-action Wonder Twins movie. The movie was being produced for HBO Max, but the film has now reportedly been canceled.”

Honestly, I was bemused about this project from the start. What itch was it hoping to scratch? Sure, I watched Super Friends when I was a kid. Most people my age did. And I imagine that most people my age avoid re-watching the shows now, because dear God but they must suck. So I never saw the appeal, really.

Nostalgia has its limits.


The WONDER TWINS project shows us the dark side of pandering.

I can’t help but think that this is my fault, somehow: “Warner Bros. Pictures is currently in the process of developing HBO Max’s next live-action DC film, centering around super-powered alien siblings the Wonder Twins.” …I mean, I’m the target demographic, right? I watched the Super-Friends show. About midway through its long and complicated run through the Saturday morning cartoon lineup, so I guess that they want a shot at my eyeballs for this particular nostalgia hit.