The ANDOR teaser trailer.

Ain’t gonna lie: ROGUE ONE is my favorite movie of the new bunch of Star Wars movies. Which is not a hard bar to clear, but I thought it was legitimately good. And surprisingly resistant to being Disneyfied*. I’m inclined to see what ANDOR does with itself.

*There’s just something entertaining about the way that the production crew expected the Mouse to come in and point out the logical implications of the plot, and its rather dramatic effect on possible sequels. But the Mouse never did. One must treasure these brief, shining moments of artistic integrity, in an uncaring world.


3 thoughts on “The ANDOR teaser trailer.”

  1. ‘Logical implications of the plot… dramatic effects’

    Are those implications better or worse in your eyes than Georgie tossing in shape shifting assassins to sell toys?

    1. You mean, the way that they slaughtered the entire cast so that there couldn’t be a sequel? I thought that was a legitimately awesome cinematic choice. I’m still shocked the Mouse didn’t even wince at the suggestion. 🙂

      1. Those final 20 minutes are fantastic.
        Very Dirty Dozen.
        Very Great Escape.
        The balls-out ‘F*ck you, no sequel’ is as artistically committed as the Vader hallway chase is terrifying.
        Honestly, in a just world SW would be out of copyright by now and A New Hope would be remade just so that version of Vader, the unstoppable space terminator could wreck havoc in ways impossible in 1977.

        The only frustrating part is that Rogue one’s very existence proves they COULD make great films in the SW-verse, making the other 4 failures all the more disappointing.

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