Patreon Microfiction: ‘Went Native.’

100WS-Went Native

I know the premise of ‘Went Native’ kind of sucks, but… whaddya gonna do? It happened. Strictly speaking, it’s no living human’s fault that it happened. Life isn’t always tidy, or fair.


3 thoughts on “Patreon Microfiction: ‘Went Native.’”

  1. Such genetic resistance is a double edged sword, of course.

    If it can’t be cowed, it will be culled.

    With Fire.

      1. Not a big surprise, Rockphed – –

        Fire is basic – -cause-effect.
        Domestication takes a curiosity and a patience far to few possess even today.
        (And (perversely), the effort and insight of those WITH curiosity and patience disproportionately benefits those who not only lack it but stubbornly refuse to value it)

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