So, I guess no WashingCon this year?

The website‘s not been updated for 2023 and social media is silent: I don’t think WashingCon is on for this year. If so, that’s a shame. I missed it last year because of timing issues, and that was a shame. I had a good time running RPGs there, and I actually got to run games I never would have, otherwise.

Moe Lane

PS: I hate to be That Guy, but I recommend that conventions relax their mandatory masking policies. I know, I know: nobody asked me. But I think it’s time.

4 thoughts on “So, I guess no WashingCon this year?”

  1. I’m not a sooper smrt scientist studying climate change or virology or nothin’, but I know cause and effect.

    1) cause = Moe skips WashingCon
    2) effect = Washington goes tits up.

    That’s not a hard map to read.

  2. It was time three years ago.

    The first allergy season should have made it abundantly clear that masks don’t even slow down pollen.

    And viruses are magnitudes smaller.

    (I’ve worn a respirator that would *briefly* protect you from viruses. It was not a pleasant experience. Magnitudes worse than an N95.)

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