The BARBIE Honest Trailer.

I admit to being disappointed that it was not the BARBIEHEIMER Honest Trailer, but that might have taken a bit too much work. BARBIE and OPPENHEIMER really do have distinct differences in tone and outlook, and trying to make that just work would be hard. Making it funny? …Well, maybe you could do it, for a minute or two. It’s sustaining it that would be the problem.

Moe Lane

PS: Honest Trailers pointed out something: we were so busy rolling our eyes on how they were trying to sell the audience toy dolls, we completely missed how they were carefully selling us Chryslers. Capitalism always wins in the end, my droogies. Mostly because it deserves to.

3 thoughts on “The BARBIE Honest Trailer.”

  1. I barely made it through that. I think with a few more hours of intense desensitization, I might be able to view the first five minutes of the actual movie. But probably not.

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