Tweet of the Day, Crowdsourcing Truth To Power edition.

This amuses.

Via @HeartbreakRidge. Also, yes, they should cut way back on the blackouts. And a bunch of other stuff, but the dude only said he’d yell one thing and it’s impolite to presume on a promise.

Quote of the Day, I Don’t Think Jackie Robinson Minded One Bit edition.

Nathan Wurtzel, on Mariano Rivera’s upcoming induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame (which was unanimous):

On April 15, 1997, Major League Baseball retired the uniform number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson but allowed contemporary players wearing it to finish their careers without changing numbers. After 2003, Rivera was the lone player wearing 42 during his final 10 seasons, always understanding the responsibility he took on by volunteering to be the last man to wear the number. At the end of his career, he joined Robinson’s widow Rachel and daughter Sharon to unveil a plaque honoring Robinson at Yankee Stadium.

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So. In accordance with the prophecy…

…it looks like the Cubs-Indians Series is going to go to Game 7. One out to go at this writing, with the Indians down 6: it’s either in the bag for a full Series, or it’s going to be the most epic last-out rally by the Indians in living memory.  Kind of cool either way.

I should watch the last game.

[UPDATE] Game 7 it is.

The most important thing that’ll happen tonight.

Dee Gordon of the Florida Marlins wore Jose Fernandez’s (pitcher for the Marlins; just died in a boating accident) batting helmet tonight; and he then scored his first home run of the season. Normally as a Mets fan I’d hate to see the other side score, but… that’s all right, really. Some runs you only pro forma begrudge.

Tweet of the Day, Foreigners Out Of MLB? Is This A Sick JOKE? edition.

This call by Phyllis Schafly’s website to ban foreigners from Major League Baseball would disappoint me, except that by the time I became a Republican she already seemed a little bit off to me. I never said anything because people I like were fond of her, but I wasn’t exactly a fan. And far less of one now, obviously. What’s next, getting rid of Canadian/European NHL players? …And you better hope that her website calls for that, too. The implications if it doesn’t would not be not very complimentary to Phyllis Schafly.

Tweet of the Day, It Makes A Man Thoughtful edition.

You know, being a Major League Baseball pitcher is a pretty sweet gig. They make lots of money, have the celebrity cachet, get to play a respected sport, the whole nine yards.  And every so often, they come dang close to having an absolutely rotten day.

That’s… a bad place on the human body to almost be hit by a sphere going at 100 mph.