So. In accordance with the prophecy…

…it looks like the Cubs-Indians Series is going to go to Game 7. One out to go at this writing, with the Indians down 6: it’s either in the bag for a full Series, or it’s going to be the most epic last-out rally by the Indians in living memory. ┬áKind of cool either way.

I should watch the last game.

[UPDATE] Game 7 it is.

2 thoughts on “So. In accordance with the prophecy…”

  1. It takes a LOT to get me to care about baseball, especially when The Actual Sport is in Week 8 and America’s Team is 6-1.
    But the Cubs & Indians in Game 7 of the World Series? That qualifies as “a lot”. I shall be watching.

  2. Either way, it’s history in the making.
    But I want to know what farging icehole decided that the games should be played so late that kids can’t reasonably watch them?
    Where they think the next generation of fans is going to come from?

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