…Can I be honest?

There’s a part of me that just wants to call it here and go watch TV for the rest of the night. The only story of any immediate interest right now is the Obamacare exchanges, and there’s a limit to how many times I can write Ayup, the thing’s still melting down and hissing whenever it comes in contact with water before I get bored.  I cannot begin to imagine how the rest of you feel about having to read about this stuff, over and over and over again*.

So… I dunno.  Go read a book, maybe?  The latest Harry Turtledove alt-World War II series is actually pretty good.

Moe Lane

*Smart parasites care about the well-being of their hosts.

Quote of the Day, Danged If Maureen Dowd Didn’t Provide Me With Information edition.

I can’t say that the rest of the article is all that interesting – Maureen Dowd seems to be under the impression both that her side won the recent shutdown (debatable), and that it’s surprising that Barack Obama isn’t going to do anything about it (laughable) – but this is new data for me:

When [Barack Obama] first saw the White House movie theater, he was surprised there were so many seats beyond what the first family would need.

That is the man, to a T. It’s also one major reason why it’s debatable to say that Obama’s side ‘won’ the recent shutdown. Contra Dowd and Valerie Jarrett, President Obama is not particularly impressive as either a thinker or an advocate; and while being easily bored is indeed a sign of genius, it is also a sign of dullness. I’ve been hearing for years about how brilliant this guy is; you’d think that I’d have seen evidence of it by now.

Moe Lane

I have to wonder: how many of my colleagues *want* to see a SotU meltdown?

And I’m defining ‘colleagues’ to include ‘the rough equivalents to me on the opposite side*;’ I think that few of us really want to watch the speech, but we all feel that we sort of have to. Because… civics, I guess. But, seriously: there’s something kind of broken about the fact that the most interesting thing that’s happened at a SotU in the last decade was Joe Wilson (accurately, by the way) calling Barack Obama a liar.

Bored now.

Moe Lane

*Which don’t really exist; everybody on the Left-sphere who plays at RedState.com’s level is more or less told what to write, and everybody who has my level of independence is lucky if they get MoeLane.com’s amount of traffic. It’d be tragic, except that I don’t actually give a flying [expletive deleted].

Our incredibly boring President Obama (language warning).

Well, Robert Tracinski is right. Barack Obama is boring: and one major reason why he’s boring is because Barack Obama is utterly predictable. Take yesterday’s speech.

No, really: please take yesterday’s speech.  I got bored with it four years ago.

This is the president’s favorite false alternative: either we do things “alone,” or government does them for us “collectively.” What this world view leaves out, of course, is the voluntary cooperation of private individuals, particularly their cooperation in the free market. Which is to say that he excludes from his world view the actual majority of human activity.

But this is the basic false alternative of every Obama speech, and it is the flimsy intellectual foundation of his entire presidency. Individualism and the free market always mean doing everything “alone,” and the only alternative, the only way of doing things “together,” is a giant government program.

That is what “this moment” turns out to be all about: “My fellow Americans, we are made for this moment, and we will seize it—so long as we seize it together.” No seizing moments on your own. You can only seize it if you brought enough for everybody.

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Bored. Bored bored bored bored bored.

I mean, how many dang posts can I write about Chuck freaking Hagel? – I mean, I could write about John Brennan, but that’s mostly going to be Hey, watch the Usual Suspects grind their teeth and pretend that they love the idea that John Brennan is going to be the next CIA Director.  I know that it’s January in and thus a slow month, but if this keeps up I’ll have to start trolling my filters to see if any of the direct-to-spam folks are still bothering to write hate mail.

Yes.  It’s that bad.  People, I just did the digital equivalent of taking a marker and drawing mustaches on the people in a picture of a British fashion show. BBoorrrrrrrrrrreeeedddddd nowwwwwwww…

Moe Lane

Two weeks until the new year…

…and it can’t come soon enough.  I’m not going to pretend that 2012 was all that great a year for the GOP, because, well, it wasn’t.  Not that it was all that better for the Democrats, except in comparison; but being marginally higher in the air bubble as the ship sinks probably does count as ‘winning,’ if only on points.  Anyway: the sooner we hit the new year, the happier I’m sure that we’ll all be.

And I’m not even particularly depressed!  It’s more like I’m watching a cutscene and I can’t make it end faster.

Moe Lane

PS: No, the Mayans aren’t going to save us, for given values of ‘save.’  Not going to work that way.

The Content Maw is empty!

I personally blame Elizabeth Moon: I’ve been steadily chewing through the Vatta’s War series – which is darn good, by the way – and so have not been keeping my ear to the weird for the daily non-political stuff.

And I’ve already gone with a giraffe video this week.

And I thought that this Machination game call for funding thingy would be worthwhile, only the snobs only want to have it work on platforms that start with an i.

Such is life, I guess.