I count coup on Senator Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide).

False modesty be damned.

I do not claim the scalp – that honor is collectively shared by the VRWC as a whole – but by God I will count coup on the man.  He’s going out the door, and he didn’t want to go, and his party’s leadership didn’t want him to go.  He’s going because a lot of peopleincluding myself – kept reminding the Connecticut electorate that Chris Dodd was a corrupt suckweasel of a Democrat; and while as a Republican I may be worse off with Richard Blumenthal entering the race, as an American I’m better off with Dodd leaving it.

So good job to everybody else who helped take Dodd down, too.

Moe Lane

PS: So, who should be next on the list?

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Sen. Chris Dodd (D): airport screenings for explosives doubleplusungood.

In fairness, that money was just sitting there, all fat, dumb and happy, and practically begging to be misappropriated to some domestic pork program.  Besides, how was Dodd supposed to know that international terrorists would come up with the novel idea of using explosives to try to blow up airplanes?

Now that our attention is focused on airline security measures thanks to the failed airline attack on Christmas Day, it’s worth mentioning that one Senator took money away from aviation security to line the pockets of constituency that supported his presidential campaign in a big way.

Back in July, Senator Chris Dodd, D-Conn., proposed an amendment reducing aviation security appropriations by $4.5 million in favor of firefighter grants — a notoriously inneffective program. In fact, the money was specifically “for screening operations and the amount for explosives detection systems.”

…oh, wait.

Via Jim Geraghty, who notes that the Senate in general signed off on the amendment (S.AMDT.1458 to H.R.2892; it was part of the Homeland Security appropriations bill).  This is fostering an atmosphere where you have the ability to read and assess bills before you sign them is so critically important…

…oh, wait.

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Sen. Dodd (D, CT) to be eased out?

Well, that’s the rumor that Jim Geraghty is hearing; that the Cook Political Report is declaring DOOM at this point argues that the Democrats probably should send Chris Dodd back to his Irish mansion.  On the other hand, Dodd has been showing no signs of wanting to go gently into that good night; and on the gripping hand… if national Democrats had this kind of power, wouldn’t they have used it on Corzine, Paterson, and Deval Patrick?

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See Dodd spin. Spin, Dodd! Spin!

Senator Chris Dodd (D, Irish Mansion CT) is having a time of it with this sweetheart Countrywide loans thing.  First off, the Senate Ethics investigation somehow managed to avoid going after him for his activities, which meant that Dodd thought that he could start repairing the damage to his fundraising reputation (H/T: Instapundit):

U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd is saying it’s time to move on from the long-running Countrywide Financial VIP loan scandal.


“I feel the matter’s behind us,” Dodd said. “We ought to move on.”

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Simmons outraised Dodd in 3Q.

970K for Simmons; 900K for Dodd.  Please also note that Dodd’s spokesman carefully did not mention his candidate’s cash-on-hand while making excuses for Dodd’s lackluster third quarter, which suggests that the lobbyist crony* is having problems on that front, too.  Couple that with his ongoing Countrywide problem, and one has to wonder what the next set of polls will look like…

Moe Lane

PS: Rob Simmons, Sam Caligiuri, and Peter Schiff are all running for the right to defeat Dodd.  We’re fortunate to have a strong field for that primary.

*Note that the K Street availability mentioned in that link was in the third quarter.  Maybe Dodd should start thinking about spending more time with his family?  Ireland is a lovely place to live, I understand.

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Unintended consequences in health care rationing.

This Jim Geraghty post about the travails of Rep. Waxman, and this Leon Wolf one about the travails of Senators Dodd and Conrad, reminded me that I wanted to point two things out to our Democratic colleagues.

  1. If you hadn’t ignored the fact that two of your Senators were involved in long-standing real estate shenanigans, you might not be facing a situation where one of them is currently destroying the narrative of health care rationing;
  2. If you hadn’t encouraged the Speaker of the House to encourage putting in charge of the Energy committee somebody who hates seeing more of it produced, the equivocators on that committee might not be so frantic about having to vote for a health care rationing bill.

Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.

Moe Lane

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‘You almost have to feel sorry’ for Chris Dodd (D-CT).

Quote used with malice aforethought.

Here’s a brief intelligence test.

Question: If you are a Senator who has spent the last week bashing lobbyists in a desperate attempt to look like a populist, would you or would you not attend an elitist DSCC retreat designed to put Democratic politicians and K Street checkbooks in the same room?

If the answer is “you would not attend,” congratulations: you’re smarter than Chris Dodd.

After distancing himself from lobbyists in campaign ads, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) was on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend meeting with some of the most well known names on K Street.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) hosted its annual retreat this weekend at the high-class getaway. Designed for candidates to meet with senators for campaign advice and policy guidance, several high-powered lobbyists also attend and network with lawmakers during the retreat.

Dodd’s attendance at the retreat follows a series of web videos his campaign released promoting his populist credentials and highlighting the frustration some lobbyists are feeling with the senator, including quotes from anonymous lobbyists in news reports.

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Dodd upset over questions about wife’s conflict of interest.

No word yet whether he was sipping wine from a jeweled chalice and gnawing on a drumstick at the time.

There are times when you don’t need to go past the title and subtitle:

Dodd Says Questions About Wife’s Role in Health Care Industry ‘Offensive’
Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., whose wife Jackie Clegg Dodd sits on the boards of four health care companies, disputes the suggestion that his wife’s career could pose a conflict of interest.

It really does say it all, doesn’t it? We’re facing a ‘universal health care system’ scheduled to cost us at least 1 trillion and decrease the number of uninsured by maybe one-third; and the guy who is helping get that boondoggle enacted into law is also the guy who’s been playing games with his financial disclosures. Again.

And yet, bringing up the minor little detail that his wife is on the board of four health care companies is apparently Beyond the Pale, if you’ll pardon the pun.  Well, it’s not.  This is not an aristocracy, and Dodd is not a Duke: his actions are ultimately accountable to the population of both Connecticut, and the nation.  If he cannot grasp that concept, he does not have to keep being a Senator.

Speaking of which

Moe Lane

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Dodd lying to Left over online lender lobbyist ties?

Credit where credit is due: this is a nice piece of reporting on Dodd by the Huffington Post. The title (“Dodd Dinner With Online Payday Lenders Transforms Into Fundraiser“) explains a bit already, but the background is this: there’s a lobbying group called the Online Lenders Alliance.  Fair enough.  They’re throwing a conference this week. So far, so good.  There’s a bunch of people from Congress involved or speaking, on both sides of the aisle.  Fine*.  Senator Dodd was one of the scheduled Senators for the event, except when asked about it first his staff, then Dodd himself flatly denied that he was there on OLA’s behalf at all; it was an independent fundraising dinner.  Nothing unusu… wait, what?

Inside the restaurant, Dodd staffers said the dinner, which was not open to press, was not even sponsored by the Online Lenders Alliance.

The dinner “is not an OLA event,” OLA spokeswoman Lisa McGreevy said in a subsequent phone interview. But the OLA agenda lists a Dodd dinner — was there a mixup?

“I don’t think there was any mixup,” she said. “There is a fundraiser tonight for Senator Dodd.”

McGreevy added: “There may be some OLA people there.”

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