This is one of DUST’s better (and creepier!) short films, and that’s saying something. I’m not embedding the video because the thumbnail for IT CAME NAMELESS IN SPRING is a total spoiler for the ending, though. Didn’t stop me from enjoying it, but hopefully you’ll get the full effect this way.

(16227) Sci-Fi Short Film “It Came Nameless In Spring” | DUST – YouTube

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My Monday: surveys, and dust.

The dust was from moving my computer across the living room. We had the kids’ computers down here during the pandemic, to make it easier for me to do tech support. But the eldest is back at school, so we moved his computer up to his room and I moved my machine away to give my youngest some distance. The new arrangement works fine; but dear Lord, the dust. So. Much. Dust.

When I wasn’t doing that, I was working on the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter surveys. They’re almost ready to go, but I had a few questions to ask Backerkit about some red flags they have on the process. I expect to hear back from them some time around noon tomorrow, which is about when they get into the office (Pacific Time). Backerkit is very good about getting back to me with regards to tech support issues. It’s one of the major reasons I use them, in fact.

Back fully into the swing of things tomorrow, then!

Dust Short Film: ‘Six.’

I know I’m supposed to feel bad for Charlie…

…and I do, in a detached way, because of her dietary choices. But, honestly? The government’s got the right basic attitude, here. There’s room for precisely one species at the top of the food chain, and that’s mine.

Also: I get the vibe that maybe somebody’s trying to pitch this as a longer show. …I’d watch it. As always, DUST does good work.

DUST studio to do MOREAU series.

This sounds promising:

Gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi label Dust is developing a modern take on the classic H.G. Wells novel The Island of Dr. Moreau. The series will be titled Moreau and will be written by Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class, Thor, Rim Of The World, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).

“The double helix wasn’t even a twinkle in Watson & Crick’s eye when H.G. Wells first wrote The Island of Dr. Moreau, but his 1896 novel proved astonishingly prescient about how unlocking the secrets of DNA would open the door to humanity playing God with the natural world in strange and frightening ways,” said Stentz. “And now, in the shadow of the CRISPR revolution, it felt like the perfect time to revisit Moreau and bring it into our own 21st Century world of transgenic animals, designer babies and other scientific advances Wells never could have dreamed of. I’m delighted to be working with Eric, Geoff & the Gunpowder & Sky team to welcome a whole new generation to the good doctor’s terrifying island.”

Via Geektyrant. They’re apparently going to gender-swap Moreau’s character, which I’ve decided I’m okay with: as long as there’s this vibe involved, of course. Probably not, but I can hope.