Funny clip from the Adams miniseries, for esoteric values of ‘funny.’

There is some good physical acting in this, despite the fact that they’re not moving around much. Dude playing Jefferson in particular has got the “I wrote a thing” half-eager, half-dreading slouch down cold.  Also: these guys?  These guys are total nerds.  Which is, of course, a compliment.

I was wondering whether they’d use this John Adams quote.

I’m still stuck on tonight’s song — sometimes I know at first light; sometimes I have no idea at all — but this bit from (I guess) the John Adams miniseries is excellent. Both because it’s one of the best things he ever said, and because it was presented as a warning that absolutely went over the head of most of the people who heard it.

Yes, I must watch that miniseries.

Book of the week, plus upcoming books.

And so we remove The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress and replace it with the John Adams biography. But I also want to note that the following three books will be coming out very soon:

…and I’m looking forward to all three.