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Caleb’s covering this at both RedState and ActiCons, but I’m going to reproduce it here anyway.  It’s more from the Gladney Incident:

Note the physical attack on the woman filming the incident.  These people aren’t reacting well to having their activities on the public record.

Moe Lane

PS: Carry a camera.



Tea Party protest today at noon: St Louis SEIU HQ.

(Via Dana Loesch) They’re protesting the beating of Kenneth Gladney by SEIU agents Thursday night.

Demand Justice! Denounce Violence! Saturday at SEIU Office

DATE:  Saturday, August 8, 2009 (tomorrow)

TIME:  Noon

LOCATION:  SEIU Headquarters, 5585 Pershing Ave., Suite 130, St. Louis, MO 63112

The St. Louis Tea Party will hold a press conference and peaceable protest at SEIU Headquarters 5585 Pershing Ave., Suite 130, St. Louis, MO 63112 at Noon Saturday, August 8, 2009.

Incidentally, the National Weather Service has declared a heat advisory for the St. Louis area, with the forecast for today being:

Today: Sunny, with a high near 96. Heat index values as high as 104. South wind between 15 and 17 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.

…which, given the SEIU’s rapidly-becoming-notorious poor impulse control, may make this an interesting day in St. Louis. After all, just because the Tea Party people want to peaceably exercise their First Amendment privileges doesn’t mean that the administration stooges that they’re protesting against are prepared to let them…

Moe Lane

PS: Too late to online order one now for this, of course, but I’ll keep harping on it anyway. Cameras. You need to go to these things with cameras.

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Rep. Carnahan and the Gladney Incident: the secret press conference.

There is a reason why the United States of America is a democratic republic, and not an aristocratic republic. The first generation of a particular family may be politically able; may, in fact, be very able. The second generation of that family may likewise be politically able. Sometimes – sometimes, and mostly if the family name is Adams – even the third generation is politically able. But it is unwise to bet on that.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D, MO-03) is of the third generation of a political family.  His last name is obviously not Adams – and does it ever show.

Continue reading Rep. Carnahan and the Gladney Incident: the secret press conference.

Getting in their faces: St. Louis.

I didn’t put up anything on the Gladney Incident (allegedly, a conservative activist at Russ Carnahan’s town hall / aging event was sent to the emergency room last night because of an attack by SEIU people) last night because it was at the time single-source. We have gotten another report in, though – and more importantly, what looks to be video from the scene:

…which may be from the incident itself. It’s confused and chaotic, but it’s what we have right now.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t expect it to get less confused and chaotic, by the way. This is real life, not the movies: you have to be very, very lucky to get footage of a spontaneous incident from beginning to end. Getting more than half of it – which is what happened here, more or less – is merely very lucky. You can help with that by making sure that everybody has a camera, of course… which is why I keep harping on people to get them.

PPS: On the other hand, there was a reporter on the scene – who apparently got arrested, too.  When he gets out of jail, there may be some clarification of what went down, after all.