Finished up MOON KNIGHT.

Good show. Good show. The final episode had to tie up a bunch of stuff together, and – pious protestations by the MOON KNIGHT folks aside – they absolutely laid the bricks for a second season. I didn’t read the comics, but the people who did all seem pretty jazzed at how much stuff from them were in the series.

Is MOON KNIGHT the best of the Marvel Disney+ series? Tough call: LOKI in particular still gives it a run for its money. But those two were the only shows that I made to sure to watch on the day of release. That’s probably diagnostic.

5/6 of MOON KNIGHT done…

…and it’s very possibly the best Marvel series Disney+ has done to date. MOON KNIGHT started messed up, and it’s kept it up since then; and, given how Hollywood* the hero’s mental illness is, it’s doing a pretty good job giving you the feeling of what kind of trauma’s he’s going through. It could still blow up the ending, but we’ll know next week.

This would have been an absolutely awful movie, by the way. There’s no way you could do this in two hours without it being far too rushed. But as a six-part miniseries MOON KNIGHT works.

*Which is to say: gratuitously and cinematically incorrect.

MOON KNIGHT continues to be entertainingly messed up.

We are on four of six for Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT, and that means that things were gonna get weird this episode. And they do! Which is to be expected, considering that Oscar Isaac is playing two characters who are so different in personality and affect that I actually had to remind myself that these aren’t twins or anything. I figure that the next episode will involve some kind of amalgamation of all of these multiple personalities, in classic Hollywood pseudo-psychiatric style.

Or maybe they’ll just do therapy. I mean, the title character is absolutely, no-fooling nuts. I’m mildly surprised there’s not been more fuss made about that.

Just watched Episode 1 of MOON KNIGHT.

…Yeah, Marvel’s MOON KNIGHT looks pretty messed up. I mean this in a complimentary way; it’s the kind of you-never-know-what-will-happen-next messed up that makes for engrossing television. Pure Hell on the hero, though.

Also: the show is mercifully avoiding trying to make us wonder whether this is all going on in the guy’s mind. I used to sleepwalk, myself. But in all the times I did, I never woke up in… ah, never mind. Spoilers.



Moe Lane

PS: Alternatively, the Mad Gene Media studio just used the Rage Against The Machine song without permission. One wonders what RATM plans to do about it, though. I mean: isn’t property supposed to be theft, or something?