5/6 of MOON KNIGHT done…

…and it’s very possibly the best Marvel series Disney+ has done to date. MOON KNIGHT started messed up, and it’s kept it up since then; and, given how Hollywood* the hero’s mental illness is, it’s doing a pretty good job giving you the feeling of what kind of trauma’s he’s going through. It could still blow up the ending, but we’ll know next week.

This would have been an absolutely awful movie, by the way. There’s no way you could do this in two hours without it being far too rushed. But as a six-part miniseries MOON KNIGHT works.

*Which is to say: gratuitously and cinematically incorrect.

4 thoughts on “5/6 of MOON KNIGHT done…”

  1. It really is the best entry in the MTVU thus far, though Daredevil seasons 1 and 3 were also excellent.

    I’ve been amazed, though, at how much character development they’ve managed to cram into 5 episodes thus far. I’m also *astounded* at how well Oscar Isaac has performed. He really is a superb actor, and the accept swaps between Stephen and Marc are really great.

    1. I had to remind myself that there’s only one actor there. I mean, if you told me they were twins I’d have bought it in a second, because they act… I’m doing it again. Because HE acts both roles as being closely related, but not quite identical.

      1. accent* swaps, curses!

        But yes, and if they actually bring Jake Lockley in, too — I’ll be interested to see how Isaac pulls it off.

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