Al Gore fails the Democrats for perhaps the final time.

Death of a dream, as Hot Air‘s Allahpundit would have said if he had written the HA post that I got this link from. Death of a dream:

Former Vice President Al Gore is having a moment – but he’s not running for president.

Despite a spate of recent media attention about the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee potentially challenging Hillary Clinton in 2016, those close to him tell msnbc it’s not happening.

…Not that Al Gore was any more likely than Hillary Clinton is to actually eke out a win in 2016.  But if he had run then the Democrats might have been able to allow themselves the addictive luxury of false hope. Instead, they get to run Hillary Clinton.


Martin O’Malley demonstrates why Hillary Clinton is still considered the front-runner.

It’s such a little thing, but important.  Martin O’Malley started off decently enough, here: “Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says if he were president, it would be important as commander in chief to have his secretary of state use the official server for business.” Not bad; and neither was the talking point of how the economy would be more important, anyway.  Mind you, Martin O’Malley doesn’t actually know how to grow an economy, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

But then O’Malley whiffs it. From the same Politico article: “O’Malley said he didn’t “feel compelled to answer” a follow-up question about Clinton’s actions from Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann. “Secretary Clinton is perfectly capable of defending her own service in office,” he said.” In other words: Martin O’Malley is running for Vice President.  Either that, or he has the political instincts of a clubbed baby harp seal. Continue reading Martin O’Malley demonstrates why Hillary Clinton is still considered the front-runner.

The ‘paralyzed President’ ain’t moving that needle, by the way.

This is the point in the National Journal’s “How Does a Paralyzed President Move the Needle?” that I started murmuring There you go again:

Boxed in by events largely beyond its control…

As God is my witness, one of the best things about 2017 will be that the media will suddenly be embracing again the precept that Command Takes Responsibility.  It may be teeth-gratingly infuriating that they only give this kind of cover to Democratic Presidents – which tells you everything that you need to know about how competent the media thinks Democrats are at running the country – but I can grin and bear it if it means having a Republican in the White House.  Besides: I got kids, and they need to hear that particular message all of the time, not just half of it.

Moe Lane

The NYT asks, “How old is too old to be President?”

…and gets the answer backIt depends.  Is my party going to run somebody old?

Before the 2008 presidential campaign, for example, Democrats were much more likely to raise concerns about electing an older presidential candidate. A February 2007 Pew poll showed, for instance, that 60 percent of Democrats said they would be less likely to support presidential candidates in their 70s — far more than Republicans (42 percent) and independents (43 percent).

…Democrats are now starting to feel more positively toward older candidates: The new Pew poll found that only 44 percent said they would be less likely to support a presidential candidate who is 70 or above, a decrease of 16 percentage points from the 2007 poll — a drop that Pew called “particularly notable” relative to the smaller decreases observed among Republicans (from 42 percent to 32 percent) and independents (from 43 percent to 34 percent).

Continue reading The NYT asks, “How old is too old to be President?”

Prominent anti-war loon Michael Scheuer calls for assassination of @BarackObama.



I am reluctant to provide the direct link: David Frum (!) has the details. Essentially, Scheuer was babbling about current US/UK policy, and finished up his not-actually-incoherent* screaming by quoting Seventeenth Century English republican Algernon Sydney, who got the chop** from Charles II for… well. Depends on who you ask. To be fair, the treason charges were dubious; to be equally fair, Sydney was in the pay of the French anyway, and the French were trying to urinate in Charles’ stewpot. You could make the case that Sydney should have realized that he’d get only one Get Out Of Jail Free card as part of the Restoration… Continue reading Prominent anti-war loon Michael Scheuer calls for assassination of @BarackObama.