Only Homophobes Hate Oil Sands.

God save us all from Crusading fanatical Greenies.

Why can’t we have more blunt talking like this in the States?  Canadian Alykhan Velshi of Ethical Oil, a relaunched site dedicated to promoting Canada’s oil reserves (particularly its oil sands reserves) is cheerfully trying to do well by doing good.

“When petroleum reserves were deposited around the world, it is unfortunate that they were all given to the world’s bastards,” he said. “With the exception of Canada, most of them are with the world’s bastards. You need to recognize that when you are buying oil.”

And, just to make sure that people get the point:

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‘The Failure of Al Gore.’

This article by Walter Russell Mead on Al Gore’s habitual and stunning eco-hypocrisy is frustrating: finding just one part to excerpt is difficult, and I can’t reproduce the whole thing.  But, a taste:

Al Gore’s lifestyle is a test case for the credibility of his gospel — and it fails. The tolerance of Al Gore’s lifestyle by the environmental leadership is a further test — and that test, too, the greens fail.

The average citizen is all too likely to conclude that if Mr. Gore can keep his lifestyle, the average American family can keep its SUV and incandescent bulbs.  If Gore can take a charter flight, I don’t have to take the bus.  If Gore can have many mansions, I can use the old fashioned kind of shower heads that actually clean and toilets that actually flush.  Al Gore looks to the average American the way American greens look to poor people in the third world: hypocritically demanding that others accept permanently lower standards of living than those the activists propose for themselves.

Or, as Glenn Reynolds (H/T, by the way) likes to put it, “I’ll believe that this is a problem when the people me telling me that it’s a problem start acting like it’s a problem.”  – Only, if you’re going to wait for that to happen then I suggest that you pack a lunch.

Moe Lane

QotD, Senator Ma’am edition.

Dinging Senator Barbara Boxer for saying something stupid is cruel.  And vicious.  And viciously cruel; and it’s all because it’s far too easy to do.  I am being lazy by highlighting her flustered response to Senators Barasso’s and Inhofe’s cheerful Hey, you guys have been claiming eco-Apocalypses for forty years now; only back then it was global cooling that was going to kill us all.  Oh, and look!  Obama’s science advisor John Holdren was one of them!

Her response was a thing of Boxer:

“…there were scientists that did call for the Ice Age…”

Watch the whole video, particularly the parts where Democratic Senators scurried around trying to obscure the inconvenient truth that while the tune of DOOM has continued unabated throughout my lifetime, the actual words keep changing to fit the latest academic fad.  Hot Air has more, including this link to Zombietime’s indispensable commentary on Holdren’s shifting attitudes on global warming/cooling/whatever; I’ll just note that this isn’t the only controversial thing that the guy’s ever said, which isn’t actually germane to the conversation but probably is why you’re feeling a bit of mild revulsion about seeing John Holdren’s name right now*.

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#rsrh The Green Rhetorical Disconnect, Part 65 (NSFW)

Scenario: a six year old boy in Quebec is excluded from entering a drawing for a stuffed bear because his parents used a Ziploc bag to store his sandwich (Ziploc bags are apparently worse than Tupperware, theologically speaking).  When the parents contacted the school, the teacher presumed to lecture them on the subject, presumably because said teacher felt it necessary to subject other people to her own religious views.  Needless to say, at no point is it actually explained why the specific punishment for this ‘transgression’ was necessary for the child’s development; in fact, it is unclear that the teacher would have been able to explain the rationale behind the transgression in the first place*.  Nonetheless, a message was made.

  • What the intent of the message was: It is very, very important to make sure that even the smallest act of heresy and Gaia-hatred be vigilantly defended against.  It is regrettable that this must sometimes result in a small child crying in shame and confusion because he does not have the vocabulary to explain the rigorous rules of his school life to his parents, but that is a small price to pay for stopping the malignant spread of Ziploc bags.
  • What the actual message was: Greenies are assholes.

Via @CalebHowe.

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Today’s laugh-out-loud moment about the hardcore Greens.

Prime comedy. Prime.  This guy apparently thinks that the Greens would be swayed by this argument:

…people in developing countries have much more important things to worry about–such as earning a living and getting ahead. Fighting climate change ranks low on the list of Third World priorities. The sprawling slums of Mumbai need more energy, not less; they want better roads, not fewer. More economic development would produce the money to help clean the now foul water and air, but also provide access to better education, one of the best ways to assure more manageable birth rates.

Instead of looking to make developing countries even more dependent on Western largesse, greens should focus on ways to help improve the day-to-day lives of their people. Rather than prattle on about the coming apocalypse, they could work to replace treeless, dense slums with shaded low-lying clean houses that are easier to heat or cool. Those interested in nature might purchase land and rebuild natural areas. The children of cities like Mumbai should have the opportunity to experience wildlife other than crows, pigeons and rats.

(Via Instapundit) I mean, this assumes that deep ecologists actually care about non-white people*.  I’m not exactly sure why: all the evidence points the other way.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s a sensible article.  A pity that the intolerant theocrats that it’s aimed at will dismiss it utterly, as being heretical about their ecologically-flavored dogma.

*I was going to type out ‘non-white people living outside of First World countries:’ only, most of the worst offenders among the Greens are Europeans, and, well…

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