Season two of HOMEBREW MERP/ROLEMASTER: LET’S PLAY to be the wrong kind of ‘edgier.’

And by ‘wrong’ I mean the new season of RINGS OF POWER probably won’t be particularly more salacious: “What I know and what I can say for a fact is that it’s going to be darker, and it’s going to be edgier and more character-driven.” I mean, if you’re going to go off the rails and do a GM homebrew version of the Second Age, you might as well tart it up more.

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Season 2 of LET’S PLAY: MIDDLE-EARTH ROLEPLAYING to feature Shelob at level 20.

Because obviously the players will all want to encounter a version of Shelob that their characters can fend off. Besides, if you don’t put that NPC in one of the game sessions the party will come up with an excuse to steer the campaign in her direction anyway. The real question is: do you let the party gack Shelob early? I mean, sure, you can just say “that was her twin sister Lazy-Lob, and she would have been ten times worse than Shelob! Well done!”

But that seems a bit too pat.

Moe Lane

PS: I swear to God, this particular lens does wonders to make me tolerate RINGS OF POWER.

The RINGS OF POWER Honest Trailer.

There are significant spoilers in this fairly brutal Honest Trailer, which is why I’m linking, not embedding. On the other hand, none of you will care because you’ve either already finished RINGS OF POWER, or else (and more likely) you’d rather eat nothing but cram for a month before watching the show. On the gripping hand? I am weirdly more interested in finishing the series now. At least the scenery’s pretty.