Quote of the Day, Most Of You Already Thought A Special Prosecutor For The IRS Was Needed… edition.

…but it’s just that Ron “Whitewater” Fournier of the National Journal agrees with you.

If the IRS can’t find the emails, maybe a special prosecutor can.

Mind, he didn’t – and probably still doesn’t – agree with you that the IRS targeting originated with the White House*, but hey, a special prosecutor is just what we need to resolve that question.  Surely we can all – and do, apparently – agree that the important thing here is to figure out just what happened…

Moe Lane

Chicago Tribune calls for Special Prosecutor in IRS scandal.

And Barack Obama’s hometown paper doesn’t exactly sound very pleased about the situation, either:

We can only speculate on which tools will unlock the grimy secrets of this egregious misuse of government authority. An ongoing self-examination by the IRS is laughably untrustworthy. The U.S. Department of Justice also is on the case.

But as we wrote May 23, many Americans won’t be much interested in what one arm of the Obama administration concludes about the conduct of other arms — the IRS, the Treasury and possibly the White House. There are times when only a special prosecutor has the independence and credibility to resolve such a politically fraught matter.

Needless to say, the administration has the same problem with special prosecutors and independent investigations and that sort of thing that every other Presidential administration has had; to wit, such activities have the pernicious (to them, and their party’s partisans) effect of causing new and exciting headaches for the party that holds the Oval Office.  Alas, the Executive Branch* should have thought of that before it started going after conservative nonprofit groups.

Moe Lane

*Note the precise proper nouns used. Barack Obama would have to have been very stupid indeed to have had any direct link to any of that…

#rsrh Things got worse for NBPP apologists.

They may think that things got better, now that there’s apparently this big brouhaha over who is politicizing what in the DoJ/CCR dispute over the way the former let the NBPP walk away from sanctions voter intimidation. Nope! They got worse. Do you know why they got worse? Because now it’s becoming a mess. And do you know how they resolve messes in Dizzy City, particularly when high-ranking members of the opposition party are raising a stink?

Allahpundit knows:

Time for a special prosecutor to resolve the facts, perhaps?

If you didn’t wince, congratulations: you have not been captured by the Beltway yet. If you did, look on the bright side: it’s going to blow up in the Democrats’ faces this time. If you’re unhappy about that, well: kharma. It’s what’s for dinner; and besides, you can always get vicarious revenge in the next Republican administration. That’s how these things invariably go, really.

Moe Lane

PS: If you suspect that all of this means that I think that special prosecutors are a dumb idea in general… yup, I do.  Because they are.