New, believable video claims Cory Booker doesn’t actually maintain a Newark residence.

Oh, Cory. You don’t even live in Newark?

Moe Lane

PS: …Steve Lonegan for Senate.

PPS: I know that people find this bizarre, but: I do miss many things about New Jersey. Especially the way people talk up there. You just can’t get good sarcasm down here; it’s like the pizza.

Oh, yeah: Steve Lonegan, Cory Booker, won the New Jersey special primaries.

Yeah, they had them yesterday.

With nearly all precincts reporting late Tuesday, Booker had about 60 percent of the vote in the Democratic contest, with Pallone, who had the support of Lautenberg’s family, a distant second. Lonegan had about 80 percent of the vote in the GOP contest.

Obviously, I want the Republican candidate to win – any Republican over any Democrat is my default reaction – but it’s going to be interesting to see how much help Steve Lonegan will actively try to get out of Republican New Jersey governor Chris Christie. They, ah, have a bit of a history.

Yes, I know: that is a remarkably bloodless way of putting it,  First, do no harm is also something that I try to default to.

Moe Lane