The “ZOMG This Looks INSANE” THE GREEN KNIGHT trailer.

Yeah. THE GREEN KNIGHT is the true quill. This is gonna be the good stuff. It comes out July 30th, and I am there.

Moe Lane

PS: No worries if this isn’t your jam. But damned if it isn’t mine.


Got THE GREEN KNIGHT RPG in the mail today…

…and surprisingly it’s not a 5th ed clone of D&D. The review here is pretty accurate, as far as I can tell; I haven’t played the game, obviously, but it looks more or less right. I was struck by the work done on this. I was honestly half-expecting something a lot more derivative. Live and learn, hey?

THE GREEN KNIGHT gets new July 2021 release date.

More details here, such as they are. I’m on the record as liking the aesthetic of THE GREEN KNIGHT: to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, it’s got the look of a magic system where the flaming sword burns all the way down to the pommel. Hopefully everything’s back to normal by July, so that I can go see it in a theater.

Moe Lane

PS: There’s also a TTRPG.


Dunno if this is a gimmick or a go-ahead.

The difference being, a gimmick is where A24 goes I dunno, what do nerds like? Table-top games? Fine, throw one together; and a go-ahead is Psst! Make sure you earmark ten grand in the budget for a TTRPG. If anybody asks, we’ll say it’s for marketing. I could see it going either way. Also, I like the 1980s aesthetic. Guess that’s something that’s here now.

You can buy the GREEN KNIGHT TTRPG here. At thirty five bucks it’s exorbitant, but not at [INSERT GRATUITOUS SLAM OF SPECIFIC GAMING COMPANY HERE] levels. You can’t really expect Hollywood to know the markets, hey?

Moe Lane

PS: Post about the movie spawning this game here.