The OTHER Tweet of the Day, Stupid Venezuelan Socialists edition.

I don’t often say this, but: damn, but I wish I had written that.

I mean, that’s just a beautiful line. It’s almost perfect. I’d sit for a few minutes and just beam at the screen if I ever wrote anything like that.

So, why is oil-rich Venezuela turning off the lights on Friday now?

Oh, right. It’s because the country is being run by Commies*.

Venezuelan workers will get Fridays off in the months of April and May, in a bid to save energy in the black-out hit country, the president said.

President Nicolas Maduro said Venezuelans will have “long weekends” in an appearance on state television on Wednesday night, announcing the measure as part of a 60-day plan to fight a power crunch.

Silly me.

Moe Lane

*Yes, yes, I know that they’re pretending to just be Socialists. Bless their hearts.

Venezuela opposition officially capable now of throwing the bum out.

A shame it isn’t Hugo Chavez himself, but that ship has sailed: “Venezuelan opposition leaders said Tuesday they won a two-thirds majority in the legislature, which could challenge President Nicolas Maduro’s grip on power in the oil-rich but crisis-hit nation.”  Mind you, the opposition is saying that tossing Maduro out is not a ‘priority.’  Which is what I’d say, whether I really meant it, or not.

Anyway: good luck, guys.  And to hell with all Commies.

Tweet of the Day, Well, Commies do Know How To Turn People Into Numbers edition.

I was going to suggest that this was a remarkably inefficient and crude way to do food rationing.

…And then I realized that I actually have no idea whether it is, or not. I live in a capitalist democratic republic; we don’t have food rationing.

Via @FriedrichHayek.

So, I’ve figured out how to keep Marco Rubio doing stuff we’d all approve of..

Piss him the hell off.

Fourteen minutes’ worth of Cuba apologists’ guts being made into garters, including the apologists in Congress. Oh, my, yes, most assuredly the apologists in Congress. Watch it even if you’re still mad at Marco: you probably won’t stop being mad at him, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that Tom Harkin is quietly seething because there’s no way he can match Senator Rubio’s ability to put the rhetorical boot in.

Moe Lane

John Forbes Kerry, Soooper-Geniusss.

Mind you, that title is not entirely fair to the Secretary of State: or rather, it is fair for all the wrong reasons.


All I can say is… I wish.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s nice to see that the usual US/rest of the planet awareness mismatch operates in both directions, though.

Venezuelan tyrant* confirms: new wave of confiscations, redistributions.

You would have to be out of your goram mind to run a load of refrigerators into Venezuela right now:

Via @instapundit. Seriously: the freaking things will just be seized and redistributed anyway. Better to sell in places that recognize the rule of law, not men.

Moe Lane

*I use ‘tyrant’ advisedly, and a little archaically. Perhaps ‘despot’ would be a better term… or even ‘king.’ I recognize that Maduro’s not rounding up people and shooting them en masse – yet – but neither is he respecting the rule of law.