The Day of DOOM.

What we could do, we have done; it’s up to the voters now.  That’s you, so make sure you vote.

Odd: I’ve been preparing for this day since November of 2006 – admittedly, I thought that it’d come in November of 2008 – and I find that the somewhat (melo)dramatic things that I had in mind to write aren’t really all that appropriate.  Even the national party is trying to keep things low-key tonight (which is smart of Rep. John Boehner).

So no drama.  Just go vote.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

Independence Day.

Independence Day is the movie that fuels the very idea behind TV Tropes.

Independence Day is proof that collages really are their own art form.

Independence Day is the movie that would result if you yanked an Atomic Horror director forty years forward in time.

Plus, it had this classic scene:

…so there’s that.

Moe Lane

*While Mars Attacks! is the movie that a 1950s Atomic Horror director would have made if he only had the budget and special effects access*. The difference is subtle, yet important.