Walp. Looks like I get to pen-and-paper RPG again.

Going to be playing me some third-ed Nobilis.  Should be an interesting stretch of my roleplaying muscles, given that I am pretty much a power gamer who is nonetheless going to be behaving himself and not blow up the game.

Which reminds me… there may or may not be a pickup game at that con in Tampa that’s going on in August.  It’ll all depend on whether I get any interest*.  If there is one, it’s going to be something that I can run with a minimum of books: that means either 3rd edition GURPS or In Nomine, although I wouldn’t say no to a guest GM doing a political-themed topical Unknown Armies

But NO LARPS.  I don’t want to get shot by the Secret Service.

Moe Lane

*Which there may be.  Every time I go to a multi-day political convention I invariably have somebody sidle up to me and admit sotto voice that yeah, they game.


  • lourae says:

    Through the Anchoress, stumbled on God and the Machine–Thomas McDonald is kinda techie/gamer/Catholic guy. Intelligent, thoughtful. Check it out.

  • countrydoc says:

    “Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt!” Moe Lane runs down the hotel corridor, wearing a pointy hat. Come on, admit it. You want to…[Self confession, former In The Labyrinth player, which was the forerunner to GURPS, ahhh the 80’s.]

  • Spegen says:

    “power gamer” is that code for mini-max (ala R2D2) or full blown munchkin? 🙂

  • Luke says:

    I’d be totally up for that, if Tampa wasn’t 2,500 miles away.

    But the important question: 3rd revised, or 4th?

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