The Nobilis and Chuubo Bundle of Holding.

I can speak to Nobilis: I played in a campaign for that one.  Nobilis is a very interesting diceless RPG system expressly designed to handle characters that can break reality itself.  It does so in large part by having the players deal with the consequences of said breaking, rather ruthlessly.  To give an example: I have tendencies towards power-gaming, so when I joined the campaign I decided that I would take over the world.  I decided to start with China, so I had another player change the universe so that I had always been the Emperor of the PRC*. Continue reading The Nobilis and Chuubo Bundle of Holding.

Walp. Looks like I get to pen-and-paper RPG again.

Going to be playing me some third-ed Nobilis.  Should be an interesting stretch of my roleplaying muscles, given that I am pretty much a power gamer who is nonetheless going to be behaving himself and not blow up the game.

Which reminds me… there may or may not be a pickup game at that con in Tampa that’s going on in August.  It’ll all depend on whether I get any interest*.  If there is one, it’s going to be something that I can run with a minimum of books: that means either 3rd edition GURPS or In Nomine, although I wouldn’t say no to a guest GM doing a political-themed topical Unknown Armies

But NO LARPS.  I don’t want to get shot by the Secret Service.

Moe Lane

*Which there may be.  Every time I go to a multi-day political convention I invariably have somebody sidle up to me and admit sotto voice that yeah, they game.

OK, this is kind of funny, if you’re a gamer.

There are apparently two R. Borgstroms in the gaming world: there’s Rebecca Borgstrom, who wrote Nobilis*…

…$150?  Excuse me while I get my copy out of the reach of children and into an inert nitrogen atmosphere.

…and then there’s Rolfe Borgstrom, who got mentioned in this article about gaming out Land of the Lost.  The main site (Transitive Property of Gaming) looks interesting, too.  As for the article… true enough, as far as it goes; but you should also try GURPS Dinosaurs & Cadillacs & Dinosaurs: there was also one involving an alien planet, dinosaurs, and cowboys, but the title has slipped my mind.

What? No, actually, I know plenty of women who game. My wife’s a GM, in fact. Why do you ask?

Moe Lane

*Which I personally feel would be just crying out for a d20 version, if only I had any morally justifiable reason to be that nihilistic and cruel.