OK, this is just weird. [Updated]

[UPDATE]: I don’t know if the Bush $200 bill really counts, Glenn.  It’s pretty clearly making (more or less gentle) fun of the President, not complimenting him.

On the other hand, at two-for-a-buck?  It’s currently worth more.

(Via Glenn Reynolds) It’s not the end-of-the-world or anything, but it’s just weird:

…and I can’t wait for the stories to crop up about somebody actually trying to buy something with these. Because you know that somebody will.

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Cautionary rules.

A friend of mine is putting together a project, and asked me for some input thereof. Here’s four of the first things that I came up with. Note: it would have been five, except that I got distracted by The Biology of B-Movie Monsters, which is an article made of awesome.

  • If my research requires me to understand rage before I can eliminate it, I will not infect chimpanzees with a virulently contagious virus that causes uncontrollable, murderous behavior just to have a reliable sample of same. Just being five minutes late with the little bastards’ bananas does it every time. (28 Days Later)
  • Rabbits have been domesticated for thousands of years. In all that time, nobody has thought to increase their size to that of a Buick. There is a reason for this. (Night of the Lepus)*
  • If I desire the services of an illiterate, odd-looking servant with strange religious views, instead of constructing one out of a wolf I will simply go to Whitechapel and hire a human. He’ll be happy to trade regular meals and almost clean underwear for keeping the house clean and promising not to eat the cook.(**)
  • When recreating dinosaur species from their DNA in order to create a theme park, remember this simple safety tip: no carnivores. (Jurassic Park)

Kind of fun to come up with, really.

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Brain Donors. Wow.

I haven’t thought of this film in years:

I know that this will sound very, very odd – but watching Brain Donors
probably kept me from going insane – geez, almost sixteen years ago at this point.  It showed up at precisely the right moment to get me out of “Oh my God, she left me” mode and smack dab into “Turn it off before I laugh out a kidney” mode.  I’ve never dared watch it since; what if it doesn’t live up to my fond memory of it?

The end of a war that you’ve never heard of.

Well, that some of you have never heard of. Apparently there is a game called EVE Online. It’s a space genre Massively Mutiplayer Online computer game (resource gathering & strategic fighting), and it had a full-fledged “evil empire” alliance in it that everybody else in the game universe was gunning for… and was unable to destroy. And somebody just destroyed it.

I’m bringing the story to your attention because it’s fascinating reading, even if you don’t play MMPOs. It apparently involved treason, a complicated shell game, alternate identities, and the loss/transferal of resources with a game value of billions and a real-world value of tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, the webcomic that Aaron Williams did on the subject gives you an idea of just how far the bailout meme has penetrated the non-political ‘sphere.

Obama: 119,000,000 Americans unpatriotic.

Well, it’s like this.  When you compliment three Republican Senators for planning to vote for your debt bill, and you make that compliment using the term “patriotic,” it then follows that you are implying that the people who aren’t voting for said bill are unpatriotic.  From that, it follows that the people who don’t support the bill are unpatriotic, too.  There are roughly 300 million people in this country: CBS News told us that 39% of them (and rising) don’t support the Democrats’ debt bill.  That works out to 119 million people who aren’t patriotic enough for the President of the United States.

Note that I’m being nice in my choice of polls, here.  Rasmussen says that Obama’s unpatriotic list would be somewhere around 129 million;  Gallup has it at 51 million outright traitors, and 111 million of doubtful loyalties.  And that’s just this week; how many traitors will there be the next?

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PS: No, of course the usual suspects of the Online Left won’t object to Obama doing what they claimed Bush did.  They shut up and took it for FISA, the war in Iraq, and rendition, didn’t they?  If they won’t blink at the administration’s casual embrace of exporting torture, they certainly won’t blink at this.

Let me explain the difference for you, Mr. Westrope.

So that you can explain it to the next reporter asking you why you didn’t gut biomedicine, but did gut physics, in the Obama-Reid-Pelosi debt bill:

Clay Westrope, Sen. Nelson’s spokesman, said the senator was not anti-science, but that he felt the stimulus bill was the wrong place to add financing for long-term research. “If they were in a spending bill, he would probably support them,” Mr. Westrope said.

Mr. Westrope said he could not explain why biomedical research was regarded as a stimulus, but physics research would not.

(Via Instapundit) You see, “biomedical” means “stem cell research” to the Democratic base, and they’ve been told that they’re in favor of that. However, “physics” means “nuclear energy” to those same base, and they’ve been told that they’re against that. It is politically safe, then, to cut physics research, but not safe to cut biomedical funding. At least from the Democrats’ point of view.

I’m glad that we cleared that up; aren’t you?

Moe Lane

PS: I’m also glad that we’ve established just how much pull Energy Secretary Chu has in this administration. Science advocates, take note: if you have a funding issue, you’re better off talking to Ben Nelson’s chief of staff. Or anybody else that Senator Nelson would actually listen to.

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You know what the hardest part of excerpting an Iowahawk post is?

Knowing when to stop. From “Dead Hobo Reporting Glitch Claims Another White House Appointee:”

The Chu hobo kerfuffle was the latest in a week-long series of Obama administration personnel imbroglis that have led to 36 White House resignations. Former HHS Secretary Tom Daschle and Chief Performance Officer Nancy Killefer saw their tenures cut short over tax issues, which continue to dog Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Geithner is also dogged over dogs, after his failure to report over $14,000 in income from his backyard pitbull fight business. An earlier federal grand jury probe over an alleged 12-state outlaw motorcycle gang methamphetamine network forced Commerce Secretary designate Bill Richardson to resign before Mr.Obama’s inauguration. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis faces continued scrutiny over late taxes, lobbying, and involvement in a Tijuana car theft ring, while National Security advisor Samantha Power has received GOP criticism over her 2006 volunteer work as a sniper for the Taliban. Her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has yet to deliver a promised ‘full explanation’ after police discovered 11 Laotian prostitutes caged in the garage of her Chappaqua NY home. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack faces increasing questions over his one-time membership in an all-white golf and satanic baby snatching club. Last week Mr. Obama was forced to amend an earlier executive order banning lobbyist from administration jobs after news reports identified over a dozen members of his team who previously, or currently, lobbied on behalf of Raytheon, General Dynamics, the UAW, Church of Scientology, the Crips, ACORN, SPECTRE, Friends of Ebola, North Korea, Coalition for a Human-Free Planet, and MSNBC. The revised executive order, which requires Executive Branch employees to limit lobbying to lunch breaks, is expected to be revised again before the week.

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About bloody time Without Warning showed up.

I’d add Without Warning to the Wish List, except that I don’t think that I can hold out for more than a few days before I buy this sucker. I’m fond of John Birmingham’s Axis of Time trilogy, although he and I guessed wrong about which Democrat would get the nod for nominee (likely to both of our regrets); this looks like it’ll be similarly spiffy.  Why they made us wait six months for it is beyond me completely.

Oh, what the heck. Somebody bought me Mad Men (which I’m enjoying muchly; thanks to the kind soul who got it for me) after all: maybe I’ll get lucky.

The President always wanted to re-evaluate the census process?

Since when?

No, I’m quite serious: since when?

This is all part of this little article (Glenn Reynolds summed it up perfectly, by the way) about Sen. Gregg’s real value to this administration:

MANCHESTER – Sen. Judd Gregg yesterday declined all comment on reports that the White House will strip him of his authority over the federal Census Bureau even before he becomes Secretary of Commerce.

Gregg spokesman Laena Fallon said all comment would come from the White House.

A White House spokesman last evening said, “From the first days of the transition the census has been a priority for the president, and a process he wanted to reevaluate. There is historic precedent for the director of the census, who works for the Commerce Secretary and the president, to work closely with White House senior management — given the number of decisions that will have to be put before the president. We plan to return to that model in this administration.”

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