You had me at ‘The Flintstones meets D&D,’ Pixar.

Seriously. That’s literally what Polygon called it.

Monsters University director Dan Scanlan is bringing one of his most personal stories to the big screen with Pixar’s next untitled film.

The movie is set in a world of “suburban fantasy.” We weren’t show much, but a title card displayed a small town’s skyline, complete with street lamps and a water-tower. There also happened to be a dragon flying off in the distance. Scanlan’s movie will include unicorns, dragons and a plethora of other beasts that are considered pests to other, ordinary folk — like centaurs, trolls and sprites.

…Yeah, just let me know when that’s out so I can get my seat, Pixar.  The odds of me not seeing this movie are low. Very, very low.


Tweet of the Day, LotR Comes Back To D&D edition.

And now the cycle is complete.

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…So they’re really gonna make a D&D film, then?

They’re casting for it, at least.  I may be getting old; the article assumes that I of course know who Ansel Engort is – and I don’t, particularly.  Or, more accurately, I kind of know; I just don’t really care, much.

Let me be honest with you: I don’t know whether you can put together a meaningful, decent, while still generic Dungeons & Dragons movie.  I could believe that you could sustain a good flick by drawing from Greyhawk, or Forgotten Realms, or – listen for the people going ‘ooh’ – Ravenloft. But generic D&D is, well, generic fantasy at this point. Why buy the license if you’re just going to reference the rules-set?

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Official LotR D&D 5E coming out!

A new LotR 5E RPG by Cubicle 7 is a done deal, thanks to WotC’s D&D OGL.

…Sorry, let me translate that into English.  There’s a British roleplaying game (RPG) company called Cubicle 7.* It has the existing right to adapt JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings (LotR) as an RPG: and since Wizards of the Coast (WotC), who owns Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) has already issued an Open Gaming License (OGL) for its Fifth Edition ruleset (5E), Cubicle 7 is going to do a 5E version of LotR.  Which is frankly the snake eating its own tail, here, given how much D&D depends on LotR for its very existence, really.

Nonetheless, cool news. Although the Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) Middle Earth Roleplaying (MERP)/Rolemaster LotR will always be the true LotR series for me. I still have all of my old supplements…

(Via D&D Memes)

Moe Lane

*They also do a RPG based on Charlie Stross’s Cthulhu meets spy novels series The Laundry.


My PJ Lifestyle post on Alignment in D&D is up.

Found here.  Short version: D&D’s alignment system is actually pretty useful. Then again, most internally consistent frameworks are.


Hey, got in a session of D&D, Fifth Edition.

So, yeah, bards shouldn’t be the meat shields. Although I didn’t think at first that we had a choice: we somehow managed to put a party without a single wizard, cleric, fighter, and/or thief. On the bright side, between the four of us the party could actually produce a viable band.

It was pretty fun, actually. It’ll be even more so when I learn not to get laid out on the floor quite so often. I need to get a ranged weapon…

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Attention, @sjgames: a customizable Dogs Playing D&D Poster Kickstarter.

Well, sh*t.

My wife is going to kill me. Gee, THANKS, Constant Reader Crawford.

Moe Lane

PS: Anybody who Kickstarts this one: I’d take it as a personal favor if you tell the guy that the alternate game that you’d want a poster of was In Nomine.


Interesting gamer post here from Ace.

He’s analyzing some of the problems with D&D’s Fourth Edition, and how they’re going to have a devil of a time getting their loyal fan base back, given that a whole lot of ’em decided to take full advantage of the Open Game License thing to keep and maintain Third Edition content.  Personally, I take a kind of detached view on this, given that:

  1. I didn’t really do 3E.  My D&D was AD&D, and that was only because my wife could DM that system in her sleep*.
  2. Right now I’m not really gaming, period.  Long story, mostly involving kids and time and whatnot.
  3. When I do get back to gaming it’ll probably be either GURPS or one of the Cthulhu systems.

Still, interesting post.  Personally, I think that more people in the political blogosphere who are also gamers should just come out and admit it.  I mean, it’s the Internet.  We’re all geeks under the skin here, right?

Moe Lane



Nice to see the younger generation…

…rolling for initiative.

Roll a D6 from Connor Anderson on Vimeo.

(Power) Word: Enjoy.

Via AoSHQ, via @adambaldwin.


D&D promotes gang-related activity?

Now, for the record: I’m not particularly upset that this guy can’t play D&D in prison – if for no other reason that you can’t play it without dice, and dice means gambling, and while my brief foray into the topic suggests that gambling may not be universally banned in American prisons I’m not seeing that correctional officials approve of it, either.  Besides, convicted murderer who got life; not exactly the sort that would be in my Friday game, anyway.  So, I’m fine with the ban, more or less, and at least when it comes to this particular case.  What upsets me is that I’m now being invited to imagine what a D&D themed street gang would look like.

Unfortunately, I’m succeeding.

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And now let us go to a dark place: D&D Rapping.

D&D rapping by a woman.

If I had to watch it, then so did you.

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