Hey! Skyrim’s Hearthfire is out for the PC!

Now I can build my doll a new house, and make it just the way I like it, and get her a bunch of other dolls to live there, and we can ADOPT a couple, and then we can have adventures and rescues and FUN!

…Seriously, this is classic “They’re not dolls, they’re action figures!" territory.  Mind, I’ve been saving up iron ingots for a month.

The depressing thing is that this is a necessary award.

(Via @IMAO_) Liber Ex Machina is quite right when it notes that “the pinnacle of internet literature is writing something more-or-less free of typos or bad punctuation.” For a given value of ‘quite right,’ at least. For a given value of ‘not even remotely right,’ check out… this.

I can’t make myself post to it directly.

Moe Lane

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