There IS a God in Israel: John M. Ford will be coming back into print.

The linked article below is to Slate, but I will break a minor rule and say that you should read the Slate article anyway. It is not a very Slatish article, and the person who wrote it apparently at least help start the process of getting John M. Ford’s books back into print, so credit where credit’s due. I will forgive a lot from the person who got us access to Ford’s unfinished works, up to and including unarmed bank robbery.

Via @GenevieveCogman, who has a book out! Well, OK, The Secret Chapter is out in England. Here we have to wait until January.


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Today would have been John M. Ford’s Sixtieth birthday.

As I was reminded here. John M. Ford was one of the best writers I ever knew.  I wrote the below after hearing of his passing; in case you’re wondering, ‘Cadre’ refers to a fan-In Nomine creation of mine. I felt that that particular game world rather badly needed a bunch of speculative fiction author-Saints ready to come back down to Earth in order to kick ass for the Lord.  Perfect folks for JMF to hang out with, in other words.

He’s still missed. (more…)

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Book of the Week: Fugue State.

Fugue State is a John M. Ford novel that I’ve never heard of before!  …It’s probably a novella, at that.  Which means: Fugue State is a John M. Ford novella that I’ve never heard of, before.  Really, the only real difference here will be how long it’ll take me to read it.

And so, adieu to The Maker of Men and His Formula, which was frankly a little too disappointingly weird for my tastes.


Book of the Week: ‘The Final Reflection.’

Damn, but I miss John M. Ford. He was one of those annoyingly casually brilliant writers who could produce good work on a moment’s notice, and without apparent effort. This week’s BotW is no exception:  The Final Reflection was, prior to the Next Generation stuff, considered pretty much the definitive Star Trek book on Klingons – but, more importantly: it’s a totally legitimate science fiction novel.  Dude was simply incapable of writing poorly.   (more…)


The Milkshake post now up at NTCNews.

Right, I was going to maybe write something fluffy. Sorry: had a red haze across my vision again*. Amazing how having a kid (and another one on the way) will do that to a man.

Anyway, I’d like to note that NTCNews has one of my posts up as part of their 300 Words or Less feature.  All part of their ongoing drive to actually create a Right-oriented news aggregation site, instead of just talking about it a lot…

Moe Lane

*Thank you, John M. Ford.

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